You can get an Alexander Hamilton-style portrait session at this Caribbean resort

Luxury hotels are known for their high-end amenities and unique offerings. But nothing compares to the latest experiment launched by the Four Seasons Nevis. In honor of Broadway’s return and the birth of Alexander Hamilton in Nevis, the hotel decided to offer guests an 18th-century style portrait painting session.

Yes, as part of their Hamilton Package (which includes a visit to his birthplace, etc.), you can book an oil painting style portrait for around $ 5,000. Other cheaper options are available, like a caricature style for $ 500 and a loose watercolor portrait for $ 1,000. For all three options, the guest can choose to send a photo in advance so that the artist can work or sit for the artist when they are on the property.

In a perfect world, the person who wants to have their portrait or caricature done would give a few other clues about their life so that they can also be incorporated into the artwork: favorite dog, golf club / racket tennis, playing cards. It could be anything.

How does the artist make the portraits appear as if they were from the Hamilton era? “Google Ms. Hamilton to see what clothes she wore and how she combed her hair,” Rosey Cameron-Smith, a local artist from St. Kitts who runs the portrait sessions, told me. “By nature, a watercolor or an oil painting can be perfectly Hamiltonian.”

The idea came from the Four Seasons team as they were creating exciting new ways to connect with Hamilton’s history with their guests. In addition to the past, it was important for them to find ways to connect with the modern culture of Saint Kitts and Nevis as well, and this is where the idea of ​​finding local artists came about. to create these portraits.

According to Cameron-Smith, the portrait is the ultimate memory, as many people generate works of art on computers. “What human artists can offer that computers cannot is most definitely our sense of imagination and humor,” she said. “Portraits are unusual these days because most people don’t want to take the time to sit down for a portrait, but just copying from a photo doesn’t get the same results. good thing to offer. I’m happy enough to partner with them to bridge the gap between past and present. “

As for what’s included in the rest of the Hamilton package, guests who book also get $ 1,000 Resort Credit, Rum Pairing Dinner, Movie Night with Dinner , a bottle of the estate’s Crowned Monkey rum, a historic botanical tour and Hamilton paraphernalia. If children are in tow, they will receive a Kids For All Seasons history lesson. In addition, the resort will make a donation to the non-profit Broadway Cares in your honor.

Even if you don’t book the entire package, you can still get a taste of Hamilton by simply booking the Alexander Suite. The sprawling room offers ocean views, room for entertaining, and notes on Hamilton’s history.

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