Yankees’ Gleyber Torres scores ‘little league’ inside the park circuit

September 13, 2022; Boston, MA, USA; New York Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres (25) celebrates after hitting a three-run RBI in the tenth inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford – USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees took on the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday night, and with the score tied at 0-0 in the fifth inning, starting second baseman Gleyber Torres came to the rescue.

In little league fashion, Torres hit a home run inside the park, making three runs in the process as the Boston Red Sox suffered a myriad of outsized defensive errors.

Gleyber Torres does the impossible:

On the first pitch from the bat, Torres singled to right field for his third hit of the night when right fielder Alex Verdugo threw the ball at home plate. Catcher Connor Wong threw a wayward ball to first baseman Christian Arroyo, who flew past and came to a dead stop on the right infield wall.

Although the hit didn’t qualify as a home run, Torres hustled impressively on the base runs, exhibiting phenomenal shots after enduring a terrible August and early September.

Torres is currently averaging .245 with a base rate of 29.5%. He finally turned things around, perfect timing for the home stretch of the regular season.

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