Where does Seattle rank in the study of America’s best cities for dog owners?

SEATTLE, WA —Seattle was recently ranked 9th among US cities for dog ownership in a study by Commercial Cafe, a real estate blog.

The study compared 100 US cities with populations over 200,000, scoring each in a series of categories, including:

  • Number of dog parks per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Number of veterinary and pet care facilities per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Park amenities such as number of parks, parks as a percentage of total city area, and acres of parks designed
  • Quality of life indexwhich included median income, unemployment, and median home value
  • Average apartment size
  • Median number of bedroomsper individual detached house

“With how much (dogs) can brighten our day, it’s only natural that we want our dogs to be as happy as possible – and the city you live in can play a big part in that: being able to walk to a park different dogs each week, having a trusted veterinarian nearby, or being able to afford a larger home for your pet’s zooms, it all depends on location,” Commercial Cafe wrote in a description of the study. .

With points awarded in each category, Seattle ended up scoring a 49.8, finishing just behind Atlanta, Georgia (49.9) and ahead of Virginia Beach, Virginia (49.6) in a list of top 100 cities.

Seattle ranked first for the Quality of Living Index (#6), number of veterinary facilities per 100,000 (#7), and park amenities (tied #10).

Of course, all dogs and dog owners have different needs.

“Depending on your dog’s personality and your own preferences, different locations may seem more appealing,” Commercial Cafe wrote. “You might be looking for a place with mild weather and plenty of outdoor opportunities, or a city where your dog has access to the best veterinarians. Either way, what matters most is that we were giving our best friends the love and attention they deserve.”

The top five cities for dog owners according to the study were: #1 Madison, Wisconsin (65.6), #2 Boise Idaho (54.7), #3 Anchorage, Alaska (54.2), No. 4 Arlington, Virginia (53.5). ) and No. 5 Portland, Oregon (52.6).

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