What’s the latest update on the O’Neil Park and Pool project in Bloomington? This is what we know

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD / WYZZ) – On Thursday, Bloomington city leaders held an open house giving updates on the first phase of the O’Neil Park and Pool project which is underway.

The forum also allows community members to share what they would like to see added to the project once the initial phases are complete.

“Thrilled by the neighbors who came out, given their feedback, a lot of them have been outside of this process from the start, which is fantastic,” said Jay Tetzloff, director of parks, recreation and recreation. cultural arts of the town of Bloomington.

The first phase of the project consists of installing a new aquatic facility and new park equipment such as a skate park and a paddling pool.

Tetzloff said some of the comments he heard were about the price of the project.

“The cost of the project is on people’s minds, and we know it’s also a big part of our process, we want to make sure we’re maximizing what we can do for this community and this neighborhood,” said Tetzloff.

Another concern raised was whether the price of a pool pass would increase.

“The cost of the passes will definitely be part of our conversation, we’ve had some of these conversations as a staff before, and hearing it tonight we know it’s a big part of it all, we don’t don’t want to build something and then people can’t afford to go, ”Tetzloff said.

Nancy Pool, a Bloomington resident, said she has been coming to O’Neil Pool since 1976 and said she was delighted to see the upgrades completed.

“When I was a teenager you almost lived by the pool, it was something the kids could do back then we didn’t have video games and everything in the summer we would go to the pool”, Pool said.

Tetzloff said the next step would be to send plans to the Illinois Department of Public Health for review. He said they expect to innovate this year.

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