What is the most expensive Royal Caribbean suite?

A Royal Caribbean cruise ship is home to many impressive suites, but which is the most expensive?

While there are spacious multi-room suites and even Aquatheater suites with stunning views of the rear of the ship, the most expensive suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship is the ultimate family suite.

Designed to be a center of activity and entertainment for families, the Ultimate Family Suite was first created on Symphony of the Seas in 2018. As of 2022, the suite is currently found on three Royal Caribbean ships: Symphony of the Seas, Spectrum of the Seas, and Wonder of the Seas.

Each Ultimate Family Suite offers child-centric design, colorful decor and unique features not found in any other cabin or suite onboard. Although each suite has a similar concept, their layout and offerings differ.

To see what makes the ultimate family suite the most expensive in Royal Caribbean’s fleet, let’s take a closer look at these one-of-a-kind staterooms.

Symphony of the Seas Ultimate Family Suite

The Symphony of the Seas Ultimate Family Suite is the best known among North American and European cruise aficionados. This suite can accommodate up to eight people and measures 1,134 square feet with a 212 square foot balcony.

The first thing you notice when you enter the Ultimate Family Suite is the color. Neon orange, red, blue and yellow cover the walls, furniture and decor.

The Ultimate Family Suite is two stories high. The ground floor includes a dining room equipped with an air-hockey table, a living room with a sofa, chairs and a large television, as well as a bathroom.

Kids won’t be bored downstairs either, as the suite has a playroom area with a TV, video game consoles, and lounge chairs. There is also a mini bar in the games room so your favorite drinks and snacks are never too far away.

Additional child-friendly features are also incorporated throughout the ground floor. Under the stairs are small nooks where children can relax, read a book or play with electronic devices. The dining room wall is also a chalkboard and the playroom features a floor-to-ceiling LEGO wall.

There are also cozy seating areas throughout the suite, with plenty of ottomans and a multicolored hanging chair.

Upstairs in the Ultimate Family Suite are two bedrooms, each with its own on-site bathroom. The master bedroom has a king-size bed, a television that drops from the ceiling, a desk and dressing table and a large closet. The master bathroom has an oversized tropical rain shower with dual shower heads.

As this is a suite, premium amenities are available in the bedrooms and bathrooms, including bedding and toiletries.

Next to the master bedroom is the children’s room, accessible through a regular door or through a small porthole designed for children to crawl through.

The children’s room can accommodate four people and has three Murphy beds and a pull-out sofa bed. Like the rest of the suite, colorful decor dots the bedroom and bathroom.

One of the main features of the Ultimate Family Suite is the slide. Starting in the children’s bedroom and ending in the living room downstairs, it is sure to be popular with children staying in the suite.

Complete with a hot tub, outdoor table that doubles as a ping pong table, and colorful rock climbers, the balcony is another spacious space in the ultimate family suite. The suite does not have a full ocean view, but instead overlooks the sports area and boardwalk area on Symphony of the Seas.

Spectrum of the Seas Ultimate Family Suite

There’s no doubt that the ultimate family sequel on Symphony of the Seas is impressive, but the sequel on Spectrum of the Seas takes it even further.

More than double in size, the Ultimate Family Suite on Spectrum of the Seas is 2,766 square feet with a 212 square foot balcony. And while the sequel on Spectrum has a similar concept to the sequel on Symphony, there are many differences.

The suite is still geared toward families, but there’s noticeably less neon color throughout. Instead, it has a more subdued color scheme.

There’s also a lot more space downstairs on Spectrum’s Ultimate Family Suite. As the suite can accommodate up to eleven people, there are two master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms on the ground floor. Master bedrooms are more spacious than Symphony of the Seas and have balcony access.

The Balcony on Spectrum of the Seas does not feature the rock climbers found on Symphony, but does have a large hot tub and comfortable seating.

Just like on Symphony of the Seas, the Ultimate Family Suite includes a kid-friendly living room with an air hockey table, sofa and TV area, a dining area, and a separate playroom.

A unique aspect of the Ultimate Family Suite on Spectrum of the Seas are the steps leading upstairs. Designed like a piano, each step is a “key” that plays a note as you move up or down.

Upstairs you will find two bunk beds, a cradle area for babies and a third master bedroom.

The en-suite bathroom in the upstairs master bedroom is perhaps the most impressive in Royal Caribbean’s fleet. More like a spa than a bathroom, it features a stand-alone tub, spacious vanity, and walk-in rain shower room.

The windows are made from a switchable glass to allow privacy in port or ocean views while sailing. To top it off, the bathroom springs from the side of the ship.

Just like on Symphony of the Seas, there is a porthole connecting the children’s room to the master bedroom and a colorful slide that goes down to the ground floor.

The ultimate family suite on Spectrum of the Seas sits on the side of the ship and offers ocean views.

Wonder of the Seas Ultimate Family Suite

Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship also features an ultimate family suite. As of February 2022, however, little is known about the sequel to Wonder of the Seas.

Celebrity Cruises’ Captain Kate has posted a Tik Tok compilation of Wonder of the Seas construction. Towards the end of the video, there are two short clips from the Ultimate Family Suite. At first glance, it appears to have a similar design to the sequel on Symphony of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean’s website says the Ultimate Family Suite on Wonder of the Seas has two king-size beds, four twin bunk beds, and a double sofa bed. The suite can accommodate up to nine people.

The deck plan for the Ultimate Family Suite shows that it is on deck 18. It lists the square footage as 1,134 for the bedroom and 212 for the balcony.

The sequel location is also different on Wonder of the Seas compared to Symphony of the Seas. While on Symphony the suite overlooks the sports area, the ultimate family suite on Wonder faces the forward and starboard sides of the ship.

Therefore, the view from the Ultimate Family Suite on Wonder of the Seas should be of the ocean, the pool deck, and the Central Park neighborhood below.

How much does the Ultimate Family Suite cost?

Although the price of the Ultimate Family Suite can vary greatly depending on the time of year and the ship you choose, it will always come with a hefty price tag.

As an example, I’ve priced a few separate crossings to see how much the Ultimate Family Suite can cost:

  • 7-night cruise in the Eastern Caribbean and a perfect day on Symphony of the Seas: $33,366
  • 7-night Western Mediterranean cruise on Symphony of the Seas: $25,492
  • 5-night Nagasaki and Fukuoka cruise on Spectrum of the Seas: $38,681
  • 9-night cruise in Thailand and Vietnam on Spectrum of the Seas: $82,949

The cost of the Ultimate Family Suite does not seem to increase significantly with the number of guests. The 7-night Western Mediterranean cruise costs $25,492 for two people and $28,570 for four people.

Is the ultimate family suite worth it?

Ultimately, deciding whether or not a suite is worth it comes down to what you enjoy on vacation, your family’s specific needs and, of course, your budget.

Some guests may choose to book a smaller suite or balcony room and instead use the money they’ve saved to book drink and meal packages, spa treatments, and shore excursions.

Others may appreciate the exclusivity of a suite and decide that the added comfort, space, and amenities are worth the extra cost.

It’s important to note that the benefits of staying in the Ultimate Family Suite don’t just stop with the suite’s features and amenities.

Guests staying in the Ultimate Family Suite are in Star Class, the highest level of Royal Caribbean’s Royal Suite class, which offers exclusive benefits.

Star Class customers will receive full access to Coastal Kitchen, complimentary specialty dining, complimentary luxury beverage package, complimentary gratuities, complimentary VOOM internet access, expedited boarding and departure, reserved seating at venues entertainment and access to Suite Lounge and Suite Sun Deck, among others.

However, perhaps the best perk of staying in Star class is the Royal Genie. Each Star Class suite has its own Royal Genie. A Royal Genie acts as a personalized onboard concierge who can handle special requests, arrange and manage reservations, and plan special events and celebrations.

The exact list of services a Royal Genie can provide will vary depending on your specific needs. For example, the genie can bring an ice cream bar to your suite for the kids, deliver Starbucks to your room at the same time each morning, bring specialty food to your suite, etc.

Before your cruise, you will receive a questionnaire so that your Royal Genie can get to know you and your party better before boarding the ship.

Is the Ultimate Family Suite more expensive than other cabins and suites on board? Yes, but the features, design and concept of the Ultimate Family Suite are unlike any other stateroom offered on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Staying in the Ultimate Family Suite will surely be an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike.

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