Vogue Williams shares stunning snaps from five-star Caribbean vacation

Vogue Williams has shared a series of snaps from her lavish Caribbean vacation with her family.

Vogue, her husband Spencer Matthews and their three children Theodore, Gigi and Otto are currently vacationing at the Eden Rock Hotel – owned by Spencer’s parents – in St Barths in the Caribbean.

Vogue showed off the sensational hotel, with a photo showing their incredible poolside hotel room with stunning views of the water and surrounding mountains.

Vogue Williams has shared a series of snaps from her lavish Caribbean vacation with her family. Photo: Vogue Williams

Posting from her pool, Vogue simply captioned the photo “paradise”, before enjoying a “cold night” with Spencer while watching horror film The Conjuring.

“We’re having a relaxing night together…,” Vogue wrote, “face mask and The Conjuring in bed.” It’s only 5 p.m.! (Get Otto back in an hour, I miss him already!)

The five-star resort has already hosted a string of famous faces, including Brad Pitt, Elton John and Beyonce, with their most expensive room – a massive villa – costing over £15,000 a night.

Vogue shared photos of the lavish Eden Rock Hotel in St Barths, where she posted spending a relaxing night with Spencer while watching The Conjuring. Photo: Vogue Williams/Instagram

The luxurious vacation comes as Vogue horrified Spencer after revealing an unfortunate nickname given to her by her siblings.

Speaking on her podcast with Spencer, Vogue revealed her siblings gave her the nickname ‘spot bot’ after she got spots on her bum.

“I was called spot bot before when I was younger,” Vogue told Spencer, who immediately tried to shut her down – saying “I mean honestly, you just don’t learn, don’t is this not?” You wonder why I’m not contributing to the podcast and it’s because we’re talking about ass stains and all that. I just have no interest.

Vogue Williams
Vogue recently explained that she was given a rather unfortunate nickname as a child, horrifying her husband Spencer in the process. Photo: Vogue Williams/Instagram

Vogue defended itself by saying “I’m talking about me”, to which Spencer said he had “no interest in discussing stains on your anus – you know what I mean?”

Vogue then clarified that she wasn’t talking about spots there but rather on the cheeks, saying “Not on my anus for God’s sake, it was on the cheek.”

“Amber and Fredrick, I was walking around in a bathing suit and one of them was on my cheek – I had two spots on my cheek when I was younger and they had called me spot bot for years.

“Not on my anus and you said anus you’re sick,” she continued, to which Spencer cheekily replied, “Anus is a proper word, spot bot is no good.”

Elsewhere, Vogue shared adorable photos of her kids on Halloween – joking that Gigi “wasn’t mad” about the wig she had to wear for her Ariel costume.

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