Video: $22 billion in resort-inspired real estate development for St Thomas

With the long-awaited winds of the actual development now set to flow abundantly along the South East Corridor of the Island at the back of the proposed Southern Coastal Road Improvement between Harbor View in St Andrew and Port Antonio in Portland, public and private initiatives are already numbered. among the major developments underway for the new frontier obviously, particularly through St Thomas.

As the on-going motorway project progresses through the parish, lively private sector interests were early taken out of the blocks seeking to harness the impact of the vast infrastructural developments along the corridor, to make the much more progressive and interesting life for those who currently, or may desire, to live, work or do business in St Thomas.

Among the major investments to be commissioned in the parish is the ultra-chic, resort-inspired Sun Coast Beach Club, to adorn a 90-acre property in the 12 Mile area with almost everything the ‘good life’ seems to imply. .

Conceptualized with the all-inclusive resort standard of tourism fame in mind, the 396-unit development is set to become a clearly one-of-a-kind real estate setting on the island, in the wider Caribbean region and maybe further.

Undoubtedly, from its master plan and broad outline of the intended ingredients, the Sun Coast Beach Club represents a well-rounded and fairly complete upscale community with an array of amenities and facilities unlike any other locally.

Detailed planning, comprehensive scope and fundamental embracing of some of nature’s wonderful gifts on the property are all part of what must unfold over the next few years as the suave, elegant and breathtaking Sun Coast Beach Club, in judging by a recent Loop New site visit.

The development emerges from a team led by Kevin Frith, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TCF Holdings Limited, operating out of New Kingston.

Located just 15 minutes from metropolitan Kingston, the virtual gateway to St Thomas will feature a combination of two and three bedroom townhouses, two bedroom duplexes, three bedroom villas and two bedroom apartments. and three bedrooms.

But, it should be noted that this is just a summary of the “basics”, as chic and comfortable as residence halls are meant to be.

Then comes the real deal in the form of a seemingly super premium list of support or add-on gear.

Grouped into five broad categories – Sports & Fitness, Recreation & Relaxation, Kid ‘N’ Play, Beach Activities & Water Sports, and Community Involvement, these are really where all the pending sensational development realities begin to come home. in terms of everything – a one-of-a-kind concept and purpose.

Tennis courts with private trainers, multi-purpose hard courts, badminton courts, futsal courts, miniature golf park with a private trainer, fitness center, jogging tracks and a hiking trail , such are the sports and fitness elements.

An aerial view of the early infrastructure works underway on the Sun Coast Beach Club development at 12 Miles, St Thomas.

For recreation and relaxation, there will be a clubhouse with a bar and sports lounge, a games room, a spa, a yoga center and a dance studio. Add in a general swimming pool, sculpture park, picnic areas, viewing decks, barbecue areas, campgrounds and a dog park, and things start to get really magical.

Then, for the little ones, there will be a paddling pool, a skate park, tot lots, pocket parks and a maze.

For beach activities and water sports there will be access to a therapeutic black sand beach, changing room, beach bar and facilities for BBQ, surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, parachute facilities/settings parasailing/paragliding and weekend boat trips to Lime Cay, downtown Kingston, Port Royal, Morant Bay and Port Antonio.

As for community engagement, there will be a community garden, farmer’s market, event hall and administrative office for owners.

All of this, the developers say, is outside a shopping centre, which is to include a doctor’s surgery/urgent care centre, pharmacy, daycare, boutique supermarket, fast food, grooming salon for men and women, an electric vehicle change station, a rooftop observation deck and an ATM.

With the villas fitted with individual private pools, the overall combination of facilities is just about the crowning glory of resort-style living at home in St Thomas, just a stone’s throw from the metropolis of Kingston, thanks to the Southern Coastal Highway which is now in progress.

Frith, a long-time entrepreneur in a number of business areas, is also the central figure in Ideas Execution Limited, which manages a wide range of branding, marketing and promotions operations for the founding spirits giant. , J Wray and Nephew Limited, and was recently contracted to manage the new Melrose Hill Yam Park in Manchester.

As for the Sun Coast Beach Club, its main objective, as shown in the attached video describing the finished product, is to deliver the development as promised, making it one of the best places to live with. style in Jamaica.

The development, which is due to officially launch later this year, is to be built by a Spanish contracting firm which operates globally and has footprints among some large local resort properties.

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