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Anytime is a great time to spend time with family, but the holidays make it even more special.

If you’re up to turn things around, take a look on the creative side and plan a trip to El Paso’s many museums or sign up for upcoming classes in various fields.

El Paso Inc. brings together the exhibits available now through the new year. Here’s what you can find at the El Paso Art Museum and El Paso History Museum:


1 Place du Festival des Arts


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Michael Namingha: Altered Landscapes

Until January 2, 2022

Altered Landscapes is a series of abstract photographic works that address the environmental impact of the oil industry around New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon, a national historic park sacred to the Ancestral Puebloans.

Brett Weston in the 1940s

Until January 9, 2022

Check out this collection of black and white photographs taken in the 1940s in White Sands, New Mexico and surrounding areas.

Modern style images, a gift from the Christian Keesee collection, represent nature and landscapes with elegance, volumes and abstract patterns.

Fashion nirvana: the everyday runway

Until March 12, 2022

The large-scale fashion and video art exhibition that celebrates the avant-garde couturiers, photographers and videographers who made the ’90s an iconic decade worthy of its current revival.



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EPMH interactive digital wall

DIGIE is located at the entrance to the El Paso History Museum and features an extensive collection of images and videos that feature many times, themes and subjects. The community can upload their own collection of images and share their life stories with others.

1st floor, gallery B

Until March 13, 2022

The exhibition shares the history of Lucha Libre and its links with the border region. Heard about it? Time to explore it! Visit the gallery to discover memorabilia related to the local history of Lucha Libre.

El Paso’s Homegrown: WWII

2nd floor, Gallery E

Until August 28, 2022

The exhibit explores the impact of WWII on the border region through a combination of collections and community contributions, including Company E, European and Peaceful Theaters of War, the Bracero Program, and the work of Tom Lea in as a war correspondent.

The devil you say! The saints and the less holy, in folk art

2nd floor, gallery D

The exhibit highlights the attributed Christian concept of duality and how this concept historically shaped folk art practices in the Americas. It is a mixture of information, objects of intense personal devotion and pleasure. The works include a variety of paintings and prints.

Resilience: remembering August 3

1st floor, hall gallery

The touching exhibit highlights the strength, endurance and love of the community of El Paso in the face of adversity. Resilience is the hallmark of this community, as it collectively heals and remains strong in love in the face of racism and hatred.

Changing Passes: People, Lands and Memory

1st floor, permanent exhibition gallery

The museum’s permanent exhibition reflects more than 1,000 years of history in the El Paso del Norte region. This exhibit begins with the first indigenous settlers and ends with the Bracero program in the 20th century.

Neighborhoods and Shared Memories: Sunset Heights

2nd floor, Neighborhood Gallery

This unique exhibit covers one of El Paso’s most historic neighborhoods, Sunset Heights. Discover treasured artifacts and explore how people, religion, politics, architecture, grasslands, and educational significance have evolved over time.

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