Two dead in Fairview, Southern California wildfire

The US state of California is once again grappling with major wildfires as hot, sweltering and windy conditions continue to make rescue operations more difficult. Reports said two people died on Monday after a wildfire broke out in the southern part of the state.

The blaze, dubbed the Fairview Fire, started shortly after 2 p.m. on Monday and grew rapidly from there. According to reports, the fire had spread to an area of ​​over 2,000 acres, engulfing the town of Hemet.

WATCH | WION Climate Tracker: California wildfire quickly spreads, 2 dead

More than 5,000 homes have been evacuated as rescuers work around the clock to minimize damage to life and property. However, only 5% of the fire had been brought under control so far.

“All of these fires now have receptive fuel beds to burn. Now when something starts, it has this potential to grow exponentially in a short time just because everything is so dry.” California Fire Battalion Chief Jon Heggie was quoted by CNN.

In pictures| California wildfires continue to wreak havoc

Last month, it was the McKinney fire that wreaked havoc across the state. According to reports, four people were killed in the fire and thousands were displaced.

According to local reports, the families of the victims sued an Oregon-based utility company that supplies electricity to the northern part of the state for starting the fire.

“There is nothing anyone saw that leads us to believe the McKinney fire started with anything other than power lines.” said a lawyer representing the families.

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With thermometers reaching highs of over 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) in some places, forecasters have issued an excessive heat warning for most of California, as well as parts of Nevada and Arizona. .

As WION reports, to combat the extreme heat, the state has set up 40 cooling centers. These centres, offering shelter in air-conditioned rooms and cool drinks during the heat of the day, have been established in libraries, recreation facilities and parks and residences for the elderly.

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Asking households to save energy and turn up their thermostats to help reduce demand for electricity, California’s power grid operator called a third consecutive “flexible alert” last Friday.

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