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It’s every family’s dream: a resort with four sprawling homes, pirate-like features to entertain the kids, plenty of nearby activities, and multiple areas to enjoy a rum punch surrounded by family and friends. With adults and children of all ages occupied, the property becomes more than just a second vacation home, but a special family heirloom.

Waterfront area on the bustling island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, currently listed for $24 million, was built for just that purpose. Perched above the azure waters of the Caribbean and a rugged coastline, Waterfront Estate consists of four villas: a main residence and three guest houses, which were completed in several phases between 2004 and 2016 and equipped with all modern and luxurious amenities that one could need or want. .

The view and the swimming pool of the main residence.

Don Hebert

It spans nearly 9.5 acres across 12 parcels of land located in two sought-after luxury areas of the island, Estate Havensight and Estate Bellevue. The property also includes 50 feet of beach (which is not technically private but is rarely visited by anyone other than the home owners) and an 80 foot private dock.

“This home is for those who like to entertain and create memories,” says Nick Van Assche, broker at Sea Glass Properties of Luxury Portfolio International. “This is not a house that you often see available on the market, especially in the Caribbean region.”

Villa One pier

The 80 foot private dock.

Don Hebert

The original owner was inspired to create a replica of an old Danish fort (the island was conquered by Danish settlers in the 1600s) with 17th century features like working water cannons , a historically accurate pirate ship, bastion wall and fountains. The foundations of the house, as well as the terraced fountain and other details, are made of blue stone or bituminous rock. Since St. Thomas is a volcanic island, the previous owner spared no expense to build the house using this local type of stone and even employed local stonemasons and craftsmen to construct it from nothing.

the living room of Villa One

The living area of ​​the main residence

Don Hebert

“They wanted to build a Danish structure that was very true to history,” says Van Assche. “Even the gingerbread elements along all the galleries were inspired by historic Danish cottages.”

In total, Waterfront area has 15 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, four powder rooms and 25,490 square feet of living space. It also comes with three registered motor vehicles and two registered marine vessels, including the pirate ship and a children’s boat, Little Tug.

The kitchen of Villa One

The kitchen of the main villa.

Don Hebert

All homes are seamlessly connected by walkways lined with native plants and are united by shared spaces, like the stunning pool and deck that overlook Hassel Island and the ocean beyond. The design of the second villa has a more modern aesthetic and also has its own swimming pool, should your guests prefer even more privacy.

You will truly feel like you are reigning over a kingdom, as the entire house is dozens of meters above the rocky promontory and the ocean. The owner has decorated the interior in a vintage Caribbean colonial style, and most of the furnishings and decor are from St. Thomas or the US Virgin Islands. other coins come from Barbados, as much of it is traded between the islands of the West Indies. The owner is an avid collector of antiques and items from his private collection can also be found in the homes, including custom architectural pieces, furniture, fixtures and decorations.

A wide shot of Villa 2

The second villa.

Don Hebert

Each room feels like a treasure trove of design discovery and has its own unique style, with colorful antique tiles and stones sourced from around the world, including the Caribbean, Mexico and Italy. Even the plank wood floors seen in the living areas were purchased, restored, and installed to give a lived-in look. It’s hard to believe the house is a 21st-century build after seeing spaces like the bar, with its curved brick and wood-panelled ceiling that gives off the feel of a bygone era.

There are pristine views from every room and most bedrooms have their own private balcony. The place welcomes people with disabilities or those who don’t want to descend the mountain, as there are two mountain lifts to get you to the beach, with stopping points at the many levels of the main area. (The other option is to take the stone stairs down to the beach.)

The Villa One bar

The bar, perfect for storing a collection of rums.

Don Hebert

Some of the coolest features of the house are the terraced fountains and working water cannons. The owner has created a tech show centered around the property’s fountain. With the push of a button, it enacts music, fire, fog and lights into the fountain structure, and water cannons can be activated to fire real cannons. (Some of the technology tracks cruise ships, seagoing vessels, and kayakers at night so they can stay out of the gun’s path.)

Although it is still officially decided if the house will be sold with the pirate ship, any buyer would be lucky to own it. Called Corteza, the 60ft vessel is rigged like a real 17th century ship with cannons, crow’s nest, wooden exterior and hand carved bows. There are even light elements under the boat that sync with the show. Little Tug is also a smaller, fun kid-friendly boat that the owner built for his family.

Dinner on the terrace at Villa One

The main residence’s outdoor dining table.

Don Hebert

“Any future owner will love the wild imagination brought to life,” says Van Assche. “It’s an overload of creativity. The owner was the dream, and that is the spirit of the property. There is plenty of land to keep dreaming and doing whatever you want here. It was a playground and a land of adventure full of unbridled creativity.

The house is minutes from St. Thomas’ main harbor and marina, one of the world’s first mega-yacht marinas, and nearby is the private airstrip for you to land your private jet and be at home in 15 minutes.

The ocean view from Villa Two

There is a stone path that connects to the beach.

Don Hebert

“I could say all the words I want, but it’s just one of those properties where you’ll be amazed and understand its magic as soon as you walk through the front door,” he says.

Check out more photos of the property below:

A pirate ship

The pirate ship, sold or not with the property

Dan Forger

Villa Two perched atop a cliff by the sea

A guest house

Don Hebert

USVI Waterfront Estate

The fountains

Don Hebert

USVI Waterfront Estate

There are real water cannons on the property.

Don Hebert

Villa One bathroom with clawfoot tub

A bathroom in the main residence, with bright tiles

Don Hebert

A bedroom at Villa One

All rooms connect to exterior

Don Hebert

VillaTwo's infinity pool

The swimming pool of the guest house

Don Hebert

The lounge by the pool of Villa 2

The lounge by the pool of the guest house

Don Hebert

The living room of Villa Two

The dining room and the living room of the guest house

Don Hebert

Sunset dinner on the terrace of Villa Two

Sunset dinner on the ocean

Don Hebert

USVI Waterfront Estate

The guest house living room

Don Hebert

USVI Waterfront Estate

The charming kitchen of the guest house

Don Hebert

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