The south side of Heil Valley Ranch will remain closed until spring

The south side of Heil Valley Ranch will remain closed until spring due to instability in the upper watershed and the complexity of recovery plans after last year’s Calwood fire.

Over 8 miles of trails to access Geer Canyon including all park amenities at the Corral Trailhead, Main Trailhead, South Section of Wapiti Trail, Lichen Loops, Overland Trail, Schoolhouse Loop and Grindstone Quarry Trail, will remain closed.

According to a press release from Boulder County Parks & Open Space, modeling of weather and burn conditions indicates that the burn area could continue to experience significant flooding and debris flows in late summer and through the summer. fall, with impacts on park equipment, roads and downstream communities.

Despite the continued closures, nearly 11 miles have been cleared and are open to the public via the Picture Rock trail near Lyon. Open trails include the Picture Rock Trail, the Wild Turkey Loop, the Ponderosa Loop, and the 1.2 miles north of the Wapiti Trail, depending on version.

Ongoing salvage work includes construction of debris flow mitigation structures along Geer Canyon; construction and installation of three pedestrian bridges; and the replacement of road culverts.

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