The Friday Flyer | CLAMS eat, dance at Country in the Park event

CLAMS eat, dance at Country in the Park event

The Canyon Lake Men’s Association ate, played and danced the night away at a good old Country in the Park barbecue and dance.

After filling up on the BBQ, the band hit the dance floor outside Holiday Harbor Park to music from Mark Huston and the Working Men. Young and old danced to country music and dressed in their finest cowboy hats and western gear for the event.

CLAMS is one of Canyon Lake’s oldest clubs. It started in March 1973 and has held monthly meetings ever since. The Canyon Lake Association of Men soon became known as CLAMS.

Club members work together for moral, spiritual, and cultural improvements at Canyon Lake and also focus on philanthropic service.

When the club was born in the 1970s, meetings were held at the office of club member Billy Maxwell. Meetings would incorporate club business as well as choosing food options and programs for the next meeting.

CLAMS has continued its philanthropic efforts and monthly meetings for over 30 years.

CLAMS is a club open to all Canyon Lake men who want to give back to the community. Giving back is what the club does best. Last year, CLAMS donated $9,000 to various local charities.

For more information, contact CLAMS at [email protected]

Photo by Dawn Rankins

Photo by Dawn Rankins

Photo by Dawn Rankins

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