The Daily Herald – $250 million, 5-star, 250-room condominium resort in Indigo Bay

Left to right: Troy D’Ambrosio (Head of Construction Management for Altree Developments); Natalie Leibowitz (Senior Director of Finance and Developments for Altree Developments); Acting TEATT Minister Omar Ottley; Zev Mandelbaum (President and CEO of Altree Developments) and Marc van de Bilt (Director Indigo Shores Development).

PHILIPSBURG — Indigo Shores Development will open a five-star, 250-room resort and condominium complex this month.

The luxury boutique hotel “Vie L’Ven” is located a few steps from the beach of Indigo Bay. It covers approximately 21 acres of beachfront land and when completed will include a luxury spa and fine dining. According to the developers, construction of the sales center will begin this month, with full completion of the hotel scheduled for 2027.

With an investment expected to exceed US$250 million and a mix of hotel rooms and condominiums for private ownership, the new five-star boutique hotel aims to be the region’s premier luxury hotel, it said. he said in a press release issued by the acting minister. of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (TEATT) Omar Ottley.

According to the statement, the developers have confirmed that they will work with as many local contractors as possible to complete their project. They also intend to work with the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau (STB) on sales and marketing of the facility. They have already committed to bringing in a professional film crew in January to generate content from the island and screen for their global marketing and promotion of the island and resort in conjunction with STB.

On Wednesday, Altree Developments and Indigo Shores, based in Toronto and St. Maarten, respectively, met with Ottley.

Ottley welcomed the developers and thanked them for their initiative. “St. Maarten has been a favorite tourist destination for decades. With tourism being our number one economic pillar, we welcome developments like this new resort. It will stimulate economic activity and increase job opportunities on the island. The goal is to provide employment opportunities in all sectors, from groundbreaking to opening and to deliver world-class hospitality through our local hospitality workers,” said Ottley.

“We intend to restore St. Maarten to its rightful place as the premier tourist destination in the Caribbean. The construction of the five-star boutique hotel Vie L’Ven will play a major role in the destination’s rapid return to the number one spot in the region,” said Ottley.

Ottley met with Altree Developments President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Zev Mandelbaum, as well as Chief Construction Management Officer, Troy D’Ambrosio and Senior Director of Financial Developments for Altree Developments, Natalie Leibowitz.

Marc van de Bilt, director of Indigo Shores Development, says a progressive press release is planned internationally, which will be rolled out over the next few months regarding the project.

Altree Developments, based in Toronto, Canada, has consistently developed high-end projects for many years, with a focus on providing a turnkey solution to its clients.

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