Telangana man calls 100 to file complaint against wife for not cooking mutton curry; lands in legal soup

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  • Police said the man was intoxicated when he asked his wife to cook mutton curry.
  • The man reportedly called 100 six times to complain about his wife.
  • He was taken into custody on Saturday morning.

Nalgonde: Mutton curry, or goat curry, is a dish enjoyed by millions in India and abroad. It is prepared from goat meat (or sometimes lamb meat) and vegetables.

The dish is found in different variations in all states, countries and regions of South Asia and the Caribbean.

There are several variations of the dish depending on where you are in India. But the love for mutton curry is something that transcends religion and culture and unites meat lovers in a delicious way.

Safe to say, people who love their mutton curry want their mutton curry on a regular basis. But sometimes affection and attachment to something can come at a price.

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For a man in Telanganahis love for mutton curry led him to legal soup.

Reportedly, the man identified as Naveen got into an argument with his wife after finding out she hadn’t cooked mutton curry for him.

Enraged and inebriated, he picked up his phone and dialed 100 to complain about his wife not cooking the food of her choice, Telangana Today reported.

Police control room operators received the call but initially viewed the conversation as a prank. But it didn’t stop there. Naveen then called the control room six times, after which the operators alerted superiors.

The sheep lover had to be disciplined by the cops.

A boss ; A police officer visited Naveen’s home in Cherla Gowraram village in Kanagal mandal on Friday night and found him drunk. On Saturday morning, police arrested him.

The report of Telangana today states that he was detained and charged under sections 290 and 510 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which deal with public nuisance and misconduct in a public place by an intoxicated person respectively.

According to police, Naveen had returned home on Friday night inebriated and ordered his wife to cook mutton curry. He then dialed 100 after she declined his order.

Following the incident, police warned people not to misuse the 100, which is intended to help those in distress and in an emergency situation,

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