Sunbury Village Council Welcomes New Member

SUNBURY – Greg Elliott is the new town councilor for the village, replacing Joe St. John, who is now the mayor.

Elliott was chosen by the board on May 19 and sworn in by attorney David Brehm on June 2. Previously, he had been appointed to the Town Planning and Zoning Council. Elliott works in business development and coaches young athletes. He attended the Merchant Marines Academy and holds an MBA from Ohio Dominican University.

“Congratulations and thank you for willingness to serve Sunbury,” the village posted on Facebook.

Several people applied for the position and were interviewed virtually.

When asked about special interests, Elliott said he was looking for more space for children, such as ball fields, as well as park equipment.

Anne Frost, Paul Hollar and Debra Miller were also interviewed. The Council went into executive session, and when the members returned, Elliott was nominated and unanimously selected.

City Councilor Tim Gose said the four were excellent candidates and the decision was difficult. He encouraged them to pursue other positions at Sunbury.

“This post will be held until the end of the year, and if the successful candidate wishes, he can petition for one of the five open seats on the Council this election,” said the meeting minutes. May 19.

After being sworn in on June 2, Elliott was appointed to replace St. John on the Services and Technology committees. St. John, in turn, replaced former Mayor Tommy Hatfield on the charter, income tax, and planning and zoning review committees. Gose was added to the facilities committee.

Elliott asked for clarification on the issue of emergency passage requests on legislation. St. John said the Sunbury Village Council’s three-reading rule could be suspended so that an ordinance or resolution can take effect immediately. Brehm said that in this particular case, developers typically request emergency language for their engineering plans in order to speed up construction.

Council then approved a construction improvement plan for the Rolling Hills Emergency Subdivision. Elliott then requested the emergency passage of a special sanitary sewer valve service assessment for a property on the South Old 3C Freeway, which was also passed.

In new business, Elliott and St. John discussed attracting new restaurants and accounting methods.

Also at the meeting, council approved a resolution to apply to Preservation Parks of Delaware County’s community multi-use trail improvement program.

In addition, Sunbury has received over 160 resumes for an administrative position, several resumes have been received for a new administrator and weekend wastewater treatment plant operators are sought.

Sunbury General Counsel David Brehm is sworn in to new City Councilor Greg Elliott.

Gary Budzak can be reached at 740-413-0906 or on Twitter @GaryBudzak.

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