Spirits Roam These Halls – Haunted Blennerhassett Captures Local Ghost Stories

PARKERSBURG, WV (WTAP) — The Blennerhassett Hotel is 133 years old and it has ghost stories to prove it. They are behind the creation of the Haunted Blennerhassett program.

Haunted Blennerhassett founder Adra Johnson said of the hotel, “We were actually named ‘most haunted in West Virginia’ by Thrillest this year, which is super exciting…number six in Most Haunted Hotel in North America by Country Living.”

Inspired by her own paranormal experiences at the hotel, Johnson founded the Haunted Blennerhassett program, starting it this year.

One of the activities he offers is ghost tours.

“So my monthly visit lasts an hour. If I had to go into every little thing that happened in every place, it would be at least three or four hours,” Johnson said.

Visits are not just stories. During the second half, participants have the opportunity to use ghost hunting equipment.

“What interests me is that we always catch something. We always do, whereas Ghost Hunters shows, they sometimes film for days at a time and sometimes get nothing…” Johnson said.

She saw him turn skeptics into believers.

“The most satisfying thing for me is when someone is a little skeptical or not in the first half of the actual tour and then we start the gear up and you can just see their faces change. You can see it light up when they start having these interactions,” Johnson said.

Haunted Blennerhassett isn’t just tours. The fourth floor will be locked down for a paranormal investigation in March. Johnson said it would be led by professional paranormal investigators.

During that same month, the hotel will host the Appalachian ParaCon.

Tickets for ParaCon and the March Survey will go on sale beginning Halloween. Call the hotel to order.

If you are interested in tour tickets, call the hotel at 304-422-3131. It costs $20 and is for ages 16 and up.

You also have the option of booking an overnight stay with your ghost package.

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