Seabourn Details Design Features on the Newly Launched Expedition Vessel

Luxury cruise line Seabourn launched its first expedition ship in July, Seabourn Venture.

Now the cruise line has released design details for some of the ship’s spaces, which were envisioned by hospitality interiors studio Tihany Design. Under the direction of Founder Adam Tihany and Managing Partner Alessia Genova, the studio-boutique has crafted hotel and design interiors for some of the world’s most iconic hotel brands.

Seabourn Company is the third vessel that Tihany Design has fashioned for Seabourn from its New York-based studio. Their vision was to make global, focused exploration “spectacular,” capturing the romance of early explorers while lifting the hearts of Seabourn’s guests and crew.

(Image courtesy of Seabourn)

Gathering spaces

Tihany Design has created a dozen public spaces across Company, some that will be familiar to past Seabourn customers, and some that are brand new. The ship’s interiors create a relaxed and sophisticated ambience, with tactile, elemental materials to evoke ruggedness and a spirit of adventure.

Shipping Lounge

At the heart of Seabourn Company is the Expedition Lounge, where guests gather before and after off-ship adventures. Located on deck 4, it’s a warm and comfortable setting with two fireplaces that produce water vapor “flames”, a glass partition engraved with a vintage map and a full bar.

Bespoke furniture made from wood, wool, leather and fur echoes the quality and craftsmanship of the tools and instruments used by early explorers.

seabourn venture expedition lounge
Shipping Lounge (Image courtesy of Seabourn)

Discovery Center

Right next to the Expedition Lounge is the Discovery Center, the ship’s classroom. The design of this space was inspired by the Antarctic landscape, incorporating a natural color palette and organic shapes of topographic maps against the elegant curves of plush custom seating in front of a large screen for immersive lectures and video experiences. .

seabourn venture discovery center
Discovery Center (Image courtesy of Seabourn)


The Atrium connects all the decks of the guest area with an elegant staircase. On Seabourn Company, the sky-lit space is adorned with wood and metal finishes, with details that include rope work and a topography-inspired liquid metal wall treatment.

The diamond-shaped floor pattern showcases an eye-catching artwork, as well as a pendant light, both of which mimic traditional instruments used to measure wind.

The landing zone

Also known as the ship’s locker room, the landing area is a utility space where passengers change, clean, and store boots and gear after excursions. Tihany Design created the space with a sleek, modern design, combining durable materials including floor tiles, wood and metal with rivet accents to evoke luggage features.


The Restaurant merges bold lines and spaces with a softness reminiscent of falling snow. Leather wall panels come to life with a unique arrangement of 3D diamonds and exposed stitching, while geometric carpeting in blue and purple surrounds a porcelain tile floor reminiscent of the natural sediments of a geode.

The custom designed dining chairs produced by Italian furniture maker Roda echo the craftsmanship throughout the ship, with rich burgundy leather, textured fabric seat back, exposed rivet detailing and frame in wood.

Seabourn Adventure Restaurant
The restaurant (Image courtesy of Seabourn)


The casual Colonnade dining space on Deck 5 is inspired by historic maritime design with a riveted curved wood panel ceiling evoking the feel of an ancient expedition ship’s wooden hull, decorative metal plate details , parquet flooring and displays of intricate nautical knot art. .

The buffet stations are dressed in 3D textured tiles and white stone countertops, and are set under a sleek copper ceiling for the feel of a functional kitchen. Guests are invited to dine outside on the aft deck, which is home to an infinity pool and two hot tubs.

seabourn venture colonnade sideboard
Colonnade (Image courtesy of Seabourn)

Seabourn Square

A common space housing the concierge, guest services and cafe, Seabourn Square offers intimate gathering spaces with lounge chairs by Tihany Design.

Riveted leather wall panels echo the handcrafted details of the furniture, and an overlapping circular patterned ceiling recalls the symmetrical composition of a compass. Extending to the aft deck, guests can sit or use one of the fixed Swarovski telescopes to take in the view.

seabourn square seabourn venture cruise ship
Seabourn Square (Image courtesy of Seabourn)

Constellation Lounge

The Constellation Lounge is the highest interior vantage point on the ship, offering 270 degree views. The living room interior is an ode to the constellations, with a dark blue and red palette accented by silver and bronze metalwork and intricate stone floors, as well as lighting that generates a star-shaped pattern on the ceiling.

A central bar is fashioned from metal and faceted stone, and is illuminated by a unique diamond-shaped lighting cove.

constellation lounge seabourn venture cruise ship
Constellation Lounge (Image courtesy of Seabourn)

The Bow Lounge

Located on Deck 6, the Bow Lounge offers the closest access to the water via the foredeck, making it the perfect place to view marine life.

The saloon is designed to mimic elements of the Captain’s Bridge, with large windows and interactive monitors displaying up-to-date information from the day at sea. Large screens project live footage from a drone outside, and smaller touchscreens offer a live map, weather information, and more.

Spa & Wellness

The ship’s spa and wellness incorporates the design concept of a contemporary ‘floating forest’, with details such as a textured tree-inspired mural, a light wood and bronze material palette and a reception area. furnished with living wood elements.

The fitness center and yoga studios include an open wall of floor-to-ceiling windows.

seabourn venture sauna with window
Sauna (Image courtesy of Seabourn)

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Guest suites

Each of the Seabourn CompanyThe 132 contemporary beachfront suites feature carefully crafted furnishings, tactile materials, and bespoke details that capture the timeless luxury of travel.

Parchment-inspired wall panels finished with digitally printed wall laminate material and curvilinear arch design elements reflect the maritime craftsmanship of yesteryear. Custom bedside panels have toggle switches, an analog clock, and a retractable reading lamp, while carpeting displays organic shapes and furniture with wooden frames, exposed rivet detailing, and bronze inlays.

Woolen blankets are also custom-designed and sofa throws are made from soft, sustainably sourced cashmere.

The wardrobe is a “heated jacket” for quickly drying outdoor parkas, and the spacious bathrooms have separate showers and tubs with bronze fittings.

Seabourn Venture Veranda Suite
Veranda Suite (Image courtesy of Seabourn)


Seabourn Company is the first of two new expedition vessels purpose-built for Seabourn.

The ship will sail to a number of destinations in the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Caribbean, Central America, Colombia, South America, Antarctica, Amazonia, etc. It has been designed for various environments to Polar Class PC6 standards and includes a plethora of modern hardware and technologies that will expand its deployment and capabilities globally.

Expedition activities on board are led by an expert team of 26 people made up of scientists, academics, naturalists, etc. Trips include free expedition offers like Zodiac cruises, hikes, nature walks, scuba diving, and snorkeling, plus optional extras like kayaking and exploring via one of the ship’s two custom submarines.

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