Schools Can Host More Activities –

Manitoba is moving forward with a plan to further reduce public health restrictions today as the province moves from the yellow (warning) level under the pandemic response system.

The move allows schools to do many more activities without being required to wear a mask in some areas.

Turtle Mountain School Division (TMSD) Superintendent Grant Wiesner says things are slowly getting back to normal and everyone is very excited about the most recent changes. “The switch to yellow level means we can run tournaments again. During orange level in the gym, students had to wear masks but this is not the case in yellow.

“We know there will be more announcements to come and it almost feels like a pre-pandemic time and it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Wiesner says that over the past two years everyone has been on the same trip and it’s nice to see that it looks like a number of restrictions are coming to an end.

“Kids can plan, people can come and watch. It’s not just sports, we can have theater and band concerts. We can open up a full range of after-school activities so kids can show off their skills,” Wiesner said.

Regarding the number of covid cases in TMSD schools, the superintendent points out that things are not going too badly.

“We still report to our school community every Friday. Since January our numbers have continued to drop, so we are in a pretty good position right now when it comes to covid cases in our school. »

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