Safe and Healthy Business Awards

Safe and Healthy Business Award: CORIO VILLAGE – RETPRO

Open to all businesses that can demonstrate recognition and commitment to protecting the health and safety of their employees and customers, the Healthy and Safe Business category is proudly sponsored by WorkSafe, a partner since 2019.

The winner of the GBEA Safe and Healthy Business Award for 2022 is Corio Village – RetPro.

Entering its 47th year as a mainstay of retail and community services, Corio Village Shopping Center was purchased by IP Generation in 2019 and is now under the expert guidance of RetPro Shopping Center Management.

Showing unprecedented resilience in the difficult times of the pandemic, Corio Village and RetPro have shone through the uncertainty to provide stable and reliable businesses and services to the community.

The use of different creative methods throughout COVID-19 has greatly helped the center and its management, with rent reductions and waivers supporting shopkeepers, while social media, local radio and print media have been used to inform the community.

In line with Safe and Healthy Businesses category requirements, Corio Village and RetPro have introduced external seating to support food court retailers and meet government health guidelines, as well as maintain clear and up-to-date messaging to tenants and tenants. customers throughout the pandemic.

These proactive measures ensured a safe and hygienic environment for customers, tenants and management staff.

Corio Village Retpro has provided excellence in safe and healthy business…dramatically improving parking lot lighting, security, cleanliness, signage and amenities to create a safer and more secure shopping experience space. more enjoyable for their customers,” the judges said.

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