Royal Family: The unexpected reason you should never ask the Queen or Kate Middleton for a selfie and it’s not just about security

It’s no secret that the royal family has a strict set of rules to follow. These range from not wearing shiny nail polish to not playing Monopoly. But fans may also have noticed that it’s also extremely rare to see anyone taking selfies with members of the royal family.

The reason for this is not just safety – it’s seen as a lack of respect. According to several sources close to the palace, the queen strongly disapproves of the trend. In 2017, Meghan Markle alluded to this saying, “We’re not allowed to take selfies.” Around the same time, a guest at a garden party at Buckingham Palace said Initiated that attendees were warned against attempting to take pictures with the Queen.

The guest explained that selfies are considered rude because they make people turn their backs on members of the royal family. He said: ‘The one thing they talked about a lot was not selfies, and the reason for that was because they didn’t want people to turn their backs on the Royal Family and the Queen. And it was very important to them. You don’t turn your back on the royal family and you don’t try to approach to talk to them.

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Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter previously explained that the royal family prefers to build face-to-face relationships. “Royal family members would always rather have personal interaction than have people asking for selfies,” she said. “If you grant one, it quickly becomes overwhelming. From a security perspective, they’re also not ideal as they warrant some closeness.

Prince William once joked that he was “allergic” to selfies, but has since broken tradition on several occasions. More recently, he was photographed with several fans selling copies of The Big Issue. At the time, The Big Issue reported that it allowed selfies on one condition: that they support the cause. They wrote: ‘A lot of people want to shake hands, take a selfie and chat, which William allows – only if they buy a magazine, of course.’

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