Residents hope neighborhood pool returns get a chance with bond proposal

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) — The swimming pool at Mabel Clare Thomas Park had to close due to damage that has accumulated over time, but residents of the neighborhood have not given up hope that it will reopen a day. In the next election, the residents of College Station will decide.

The City of College Station’s Proposition E on the ballot proposes a nearly $4 million bond for a new pool in the park.

College Station parks and recreation manager Steve Wright said the pool was mostly closed in the first place because of its age.

“Once those shells start to crack and the ground shifts, it’s really impossible to go in there and get all the replacements. Leaks were one of the issues that were happening, but between that and the pump system, just the age of the pool itself, it would have been a lot more expensive to try and fix,” Wright said.

Residents who have lived near the park for several years, like Dee Godbey, say they would like to see their pool restored.

“We would like to see him again, the residents of the park would like to see him again. The pool was an asset and it really enhances the park,” Godbey said.

The city will also consider expanding parking and other amenities if the proposed bond passes.

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