PwC sponsors Golden Square water station as part of Net-Zero goal

The Hydrate program quickly established itself in schools and public spaces on the island.

But the purpose of these stations, which provide free purified water, goes beyond encouraging healthier lifestyles in Barbados, but also towards protecting the environment. To that end, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has joined us in sponsoring the Hydration Station at Golden Square Freedom Park, as it undertakes its Net Zero goal.

On Thursday May 12, PwC resumed sponsorship of the Golden Square water station, allowing the hundreds of Barbadians who frequent the area to continue free access to the equipment.

PwC also unveiled signage emphasizing the importance of keeping plastic bottles “out of our oceans” and reminding Barbadians to “refill. Refresh. Reduce”.

Mike Bynoe, Territory Manager, PwC East Caribbean, said, “We are proud to sponsor the Golden Square Freedom Park Water Station, helping to continue to hydrate Barbados and solve one of our biggest environmental problems.

“The community and the environment are at the heart of what we do and in recent years we have seen an increased need to focus on the sustainability of both. This initiative will help ensure that we as a society can coexist in a fragile environment.

He continued, “As a community of solvers, at PwC we are committed to building trust in society and delivering lasting results that make a difference. Join us by filling your bottle at this station and be part of the solution. Together we can show how small actions have a big impact.

“As recorded bottle refills rapidly approach 500,000 from the current 15 Hydrate Barbados stations, we are celebrating the same. [number] plastic bottles saved from the environment,” according to a PwC press release.

“That number may not resonate with some, but can we imagine 500,000 plastic bottles littering our streets, our oceans or our island? Newport is proud to partner with companies like PwC who accept part of the responsibility for moving Barbados towards a more sustainable future,” the statement read.

Gerry Mahon, Net Zero Leader, PwC in the Caribbean, said, “We are proud of the progress PwC has made to reduce our operational carbon footprint and our global commitment to net zero by 2030.

“Every time someone fills up at this water station, they take action to lessen their individual carbon footprint through waste reduction, while helping to keep plastic bottles out of the oceans.

“On the occasion of Earth Day and in the run-up to World Environment Day, this initiative is an opportunity for us to reach all those who live and visit the island, to help raise awareness the importance of climate change and to support the creation of a sustainable tomorrow for generations to come. No individual, organization or government can tackle these issues alone. We need collective awareness and action to create change.

“We implore Barbadians to take good care of the station and remember to bring their reusable water bottles, so they can enjoy the cold or room temperature filtered water provided at Golden Square Station,” says the press release.

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