Provided you can find it by heading to the unmarked door, the Stock Room might be Yaletown’s new best secret.

Because they remind us of Prohibition speakeasy, turn-of-the-century opium dens, and season one episodes of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, here’s something we love: bars hidden. Raise your hand if you were lucky enough to find yourself confused at La Candeleria in Paris where, after 10 minutes of confusion, you finally figured out that the no-frills taco restaurant was a front for the A-list bar behind a secret door .

Head to the new Hundy outlet in Yaletown at 1144 Homer, and you’ll find simple and simply delicious burgers in options that include bacon, cheese and chicken.

Do a bit of exploring after stuffing yourself with a Hundy gravy sandwich, poutine, and/or coleslaw, and you just might discover the Stock Room. Look for the unmarked door by the counter, head down a nondescript hallway, then enter a Caribbean vacation blue room resplendent with bamboo thatch accents, random mermaids, and Carmen Miranda’s ghost-approved pineapples.

The cocktail menu, overseen by Vancouver stalwart Trevor Kallies, leans into punches and fruity offerings, including Count Leaf (dark oak rye, cognac, punt e mes and Pehchaud bitters), Line Item (Absolut vodka, lavender syrup, lemon, hibiscus, mint, kombucha) and Raspberry Crush (Havana Club 7 years old, coconut water, falernum, demerara syrup, pineapple, lime, milk and clarified raspberry). The classics will also be available.

For those who don’t understand how people can sit and do nothing but talk and drink, there’s a pool table in the semi-private Stock Room. And to make sure drinkers don’t have to dip after three cocktails – or, even worse, run out of water – stock room patrons will not only be able to stock up on international snacks, but will also have the possibility of ordering from the Hunddy Menu. Or, you know, just walk up the secret hallway to where the burgers are.


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