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Memorial Day weekend, the official kickoff of the summer camping season, is almost here, and those hoping to find a perfect camping spot still have plenty of options.

While many reservation-only spots have already been reserved, many more locations are available on a first-come, first-served basis at Nebraska State Parks. Those open to camping a little further from the lake or a little further from home may find a serene setting or a fun opportunity for adventure.

Nebraska Game and Parks encourages you to have fun outdoors and always keep safety in mind.

Follow these tips for a successful weekend camping holiday:

Book a seat online. Several state parks still have sites available for reservation. Find it locally at

Travel further from urban centers. More remote campgrounds offer the opportunity to stretch out for a weekend. To find an ideal campground, visit org/maps, then choose State Park and Recreation Areas. This interactive map provides a summary of each area of ​​the park with location, park amenities, and contact information if you have any questions.

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Arrive early. Consider arriving Tuesday or Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend to claim a first-come, first-served site that meets your needs.

Practice campfire safety. Guests should call park areas prior to arrival to determine if a burning ban is in effect. Where campfires are permitted, use designated fire pits, never leave a fire unattended, keep water nearby and extinguish completely before leaving.

Wear life jackets when boating or swimming.

Check the weather forecast and stay up to date with changing conditions.

Plan ahead what you might need, especially if your favorite site is already in use. Consider bringing a shower cart to and from shower stalls, as well as bottled water or a water cooler. Also, don’t forget traditional supplies, such as lawn chairs, insect repellent and sunscreen.

Be patient. Memorial Day weekend is historically busy at state parks. Be patient and understanding with other campers and park staff.

Bring a fishing rod! Fishing is fun for all ages. Youth 16 and under do not need a license to fish. Adults can buy a daily or annual fishing license online.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to bring camp games and lots of good food – the perfect recipe for a fun camping weekend.

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