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Photo provided to The Times Observer Representatives from the Betts Foundation and Northwest Bank recently presented their contributions to Phase 2 of the Lacy Park Multi-Sensory Playground to the Rotary Club of Warren and the Warren County Development Association. Pictured, left to right, are Adam Meneo (Northwest and Rotary), Jim Decker (WCDA), Jennie Miller (Northwest) and Todd Betts (Betts Foundation).

A second phase of improvements to make the Lacy Park Multi-Sensory Playground even friendlier for children with special needs is about to cross the finish line.

The Betts Foundation and North West Bank are the latest entities to contribute to the effort.

“The project should be completed in the fall”, Adam Meneo, one of the main advocates for the effort, said: “and will replace the existing wood fiber surface with 6,100 square feet of ADA-compliant rubberized safety surfacing.”

The change aims to “to provide a more stable and accessible surface for all to enjoy,” he said.

The Times Observer previously reported that the total cost of the project was estimated at between $85,000 and $100,000.

County commissioners contributed $10,000 in Law 13 – Marcellus Shale Impact Fee – to the project last year.

The first phase was a three-year project and was inaugurated in October 2020.

Driven by the Rotary Club, these improvements have gone far beyond the playground and include new restrooms, parking (which the park did not previously have), a new pavilion, paths to the various park facilities and improvements to the basketball court.

Playground equipment is specially designed to accommodate the special needs of children, including those with tactile, auditory and sensory difficulties. There is also a swing specially designed for wheelchair users.

The park was originally part of the Lacy family farm and was handed over to the local school board in 1920. The park came into existence after that school was destroyed in 1990.

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