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In just six years, Perry Newton rose from public relations to president of the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association and now president of the Tennis Confederation of Sub-Region 3 Countries of Central America and the Caribbean (COTECC) .

At COTECC’s annual general meeting in Cancun, Mexico, at the end of August, Newton was elected to serve in his new role for the next two years. He will be responsible for the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Cuba as he contributes to the development of tennis in Central America and the Caribbean.

Newton becomes the first Bahamian to serve on COTECC’s board of directors, a feat he saw as an honor, not only for himself but also for the Bahamas, as he was elected to such a crucial and instrumental position. , influencing and overseeing tennis at the regional level.

“I’m really excited. I think this is a big plus for the Bahamas and tennis in the country and the region,” Newton said. “I look forward to continuing to push and sell the Bahamas and the region. I think this is a good opportunity for our coaches and players to get involved, not just here in the Bahamas, but also internationally.

As president of BLTA, a position he will take over next year, Newton said staff in the region are keenly aware of the improvements the Bahamas has made and want to reward him for his efforts in the area. conduct of the load.

“At the COTECC AGM in Cancun, there was a need for the Bahamas to be represented and for the region to be more balanced,” Newton said. “This region is well represented because the president of COTECC, Persio Maldonado, is from the Dominican Republic and there is also someone from Puerto Rico on the board of COTECC.

“But it’s good to have an English speaking person on board and as a small nation we represent the needs of so many other nations like ours and so it’s different from the bigger countries, which tend to dominate. these international organizations. “

Calling it a “learning experience,” Newton said he would now impact many more people and look forward to drawing on the experiences of the most senior leaders who sit and have served on the board. board of directors.

“This is a plus for us because even though we have organized COTECC events here in the past, it opens the door to the potential organization of other regional events in the country in the future, once we can get financial aid. “

Newton has been praised by the BLTA and the entire tennis community for stepping into his new position. While he said he is honored and privileged to represent this great group of nations, he expressed his gratitude to his team in the Bahamas for their continued support.

When he got involved in tennis in 2014, he was elected to the board of directors of the National Tennis Center. He then moved to BLTA public relations before becoming treasurer, under the leadership of outgoing president Darnett Weir.

In 2020, he was elected the new president.

“It’s just work. I think you just have to be dedicated to whatever you’re doing, ”Newton said of his rapid rise through the ranks. “You also have to do your best and people will recognize your efforts.

“They always say your gifts will make room for you, so I think that’s what happened to me.” I just believe that whatever you do you have to do it right and this is my approach to everything I do. It has rewarded me so far.

Newton will be the president of the BLTA until 2022, the date of the elections. He has yet to say whether he intends to run for another two-year term. But from all indications, he could lean in that direction.

The 40-year-old businessman, who recently completed his MBA at Edinburgh Napier University, is married to Esther Newton, who sits on BLTA’s public relations board.

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