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Kansas City, say hello to convenient parking with Park KC! No more

dig for coins. This is how parking should be.

Start using the Park KC app today – it’s easy! Park where you see the ParkSmartKC app signs and stickers, pay for your parking session from your phone, and drive on.

What are the benefits of using ParkSmartKC?

  • No parts, no problem:
    • Pay quickly and securely with your phone.
    • Forget refilling the payment terminal in hot or cold weather.

  • Stress-free parking:
    • Receive alerts when your parking session is about to end.
    • Stop worrying about how much time is left on the counter.

  • No need to rush:
    • Add time to your parking session directly from your phone.
    • Your plans change, your parking spot shouldn’t. Simply extend your parking session through the Park KC app.

  • Easy expenses:
    • Receive email receipts at the end of your parking session.
    • Simplified expenses, manage your parking history through the mobile app.

How do I pay for parking with ParkSmartKC?

  1. Download the Park KC app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account with your mobile number.
  3. Park where you see the Park KC app signs and stickers.
  4. Enter your zone, vehicle information and length of stay.
  5. Pay for your parking session from your phone.
  6. Relax and welcome to the parking lot as it should be.

How do the administrators know that I have paid?

Transactions made with the Park KC app are instantly available to parking enforcement personnel via their wireless handheld devices.

To park. Pay. Be on your way.® with the Park KC app!

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