Of course, Universal Studios casts a little shadow after the latest Disney World announcement

Rivalries are a centuries-old tradition – but social media has increased the entertainment value of celebrity rivalries, sports teams and even big brands. This has been the case with two of the world’s most beloved theme parks, which regularly indulge in the not-so-subtle art of sub-tweeting each other. After Disney World made another announcement regarding park amenities, Universal Studios couldn’t help but cast some shade.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney World has made many changes how the park is managed to ensure the safety of guests. Over the past few months, he has slowly started to return to some park services that had been suspended. Now, Official Disney Parks Twitter account announced that the streetcars that carry customers from the parking lots to the park entrance will return to Magic Kingdom soon, other parks will follow in the future.

While this is probably good news for Disney customers, it also seems to have given one of the park’s biggest competitors an excuse for some good-humored trolling. Shortly after the news broke, Universal Studios tweeted something that was probably a bit too much on the nose to be a coincidence:

Any day is a good day to quote Back to the future, but this tweet definitely seemed like more than just a fun pop culture reference. Universal Studios’ own methods of getting guests to and from the parking lot involve a series of escalators and walkways and a transportation hub. The park’s tramless transportation hub seems to be a point of pride – at least, when it comes to comparing itself to its competitor.

This is not the first time that the social media team has laughed at the most magical place on the planet. Earlier this year, when Disney announced the cancellation of its annual pass system, Universal tweeted its appreciation for annual park pass holders. When country singer Jason Aldean was surprised without a mask at Disney World, the Universal Studios Twitter account refers to one of his songs reminding fans to wear their masks. And when fans shared their frustration at the cost of staying at the Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge, the rival park again embarked on a light trolling – all while referencing a long-standing joke with its own participants.

Of course, Disney did its share of Universal trolling, too – and there’s nothing wrong with having a friendly competitive spirit. At the very least, the back and forth behind is a sign that both social media teams have a good understanding of how their target audience uses the internet and what keeps them engaged.

Disney Parks are announcing streetcars will return to Magic Kingdom later this month. They are expected to be up and running for Epcot and the other parks later in 2022.

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