NACAC condemns the war in Ukraine | local sports

The North, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association (NACAC) has joined in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In a statement on Tuesday, NACAC issued a “strong condemnation” of Russia’s initiating a war which it said “will result in significant loss of life, destruction of the country’s economy and leave a countless number of people without a home or a place of work”.

The statement added: “NACAC is extremely proud that the athletes of the world have let their voices join those of millions of people who vehemently reject the Russian invasion and its apparent disregard for all norms of democracy and international law. .

“As a member of World Athletics, NACAC has been a party to all Congressional decisions to impose sanctions on Russia for the organization’s numerous competitive rule violations and non-compliance with all conditions required for a return to full participation in its world events.We understand all too well the evidence of state-sponsored doping that has characterized Russia’s athletics program.

“Today, NACAC recognizes that true leadership requires us to voice our condemnation of a government that has shown a complete lack of respect for peace and international understanding, two of the most fundamental principles for which the sport exists. As the world’s premier sport for individuals, the entire fraternity of athletics must be united in this condemnation and ensure that there is no leeway for Russia in sport to carry out the ugly aggression and the most despicable of his government against Ukraine. We ask the same of the government of Belarus, which has clearly expressed its support for the actions taken by Russia with regard to Ukraine.

“We agree with the athletes of the world and encourage those in our sport to continue to make their voices heard, loud enough to have the desired impact, an end to Russian aggression against Ukraine and a return to international peace.”

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