Montrose is looking to add a playground to the local ball diamond

MONTROSE, Iowa (WGEM) – The city of Montrose, Iowa, tries to provide a place for children to play at sporting events.

In 2019, the Town of Montrose established the Montrose Youth Activities Commission.

Since then, the Youth Activities Commission has been cleaning up the Bud Metzinger ball diamonds and trying to get their latest project off the ground.

Montrose Youth Activities Commission Chairman Jeff Uhlmeyer said after hearing from local parents that they were going to build a playground in the park.

“A number of parents had approached us,” Uhlmeyer said. “A lot of ballparks have playgrounds, we don’t, so we felt the need to keep our kids active and in a safe environment while the games were on.”

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The Montrose Youth Activities Commission began fundraising at last year’s Watermelon Festival in Montrose.

They continued to raise funds with bingo nights and by reaching out to local sponsors to help fund the project.

Uhlmeyer has said in the past that they’ve brought in about $1,000 each bingo night.

Assistant City Clerk Stacey Holder is an active member of the Youth Activities Commission and has participated in most council fundraisers.

“Every time we had our bingo last year we brought in about a thousand dollars each night, so we had a great community that came together and really supported us and really enjoyed the fun activity we had here,” said said Holder.

Holder said that as a mother, she looks forward to peace of mind while she volunteers so her children can play in a safe, enclosed space.

“Everything is fenced and going to be fenced off and away from the road,” Holder said. “It’s good as a volunteer and helping out at the concession stands and other moms, we feel safe and confident that our kids can be on the ball diamond while their brother is playing on the pitch. Game.”

Uhlmeyer said he hopes to launch the project this fall.

He said the Montrose Youth Activities Commission will continue fundraising with bingo games every night of the festival from 5-9 p.m., August 18-20, near the Montrose Watermelon Festival ball fields. .

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