LEGO Harry Potter needs its own ‘Skywalker Saga’ collection

In some months, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga should finally come out. Lego fans have been eagerly awaiting this episode, as not only does it adapt nine movies into Lego form, two of them for the first time, but it’s also a complete overhaul of the standard Lego Game. The Skywalker saga go open world on a scale no other Lego the game has tried, even those who adapt Lego-properties owned. Supposedly, this opening will be immediately apparent, with players able to fly across the galaxy to engage with the nine Star wars film adaptations as they see fit. Even the basic combat has been changed to feel more like a traditional third-person shooter. After so many formulas Lego Games, The Skywalker saga is sure to be a breath of fresh air.

But the change shouldn’t stop at Star wars. In the 16 years of Traveller’s Tales development Lego games, it has touched many properties loved by geeks and gamers around the world. Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel, and DC have all passed through its doors. However, a licensed property is worth revisiting with The Skywalker saga‘s changes more than anything else. The Harry potter The film and book franchise may have finished its main story years ago, but with more films and an upcoming AAA game to come, the brand is still going strong. It would certainly be worth giving Lego harry potter a second passes with the skills and technology developed by Star wars.

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The open world of the Skywalker saga would be perfect for Harry Potter

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Lando on Kashyyyk

Lego harry potter would be perfect for Skywalker Sagathe new format. Formerly, the most dismissed Lego the games were a linear, level-based business. The characters would move along a set path in an environment, stopping at various puzzle rooms and battle arenas along the way. At the end of a level, they could either move on to the next one or return to a hub. Lego games adapting multiple movies also had each movie given its own section in the hub. There came a time when some Lego the games were mostly set in an open world, but it was late in the brand’s life. When the game was playing, it usually happened in a straight line.

The Skywalker saga puts an end to it, more or less. The player will always be directed to chapters that take them through separate areas focused on scenery. However, the game at large will be an open world, and players will be able to roam the galaxy with any character they choose. The chapters will most likely be on their home planets, and would then likely be accessible via a menu. Otherwise, players will be able to pursue any side quests or collectathons they want in the huge play area.

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Most Harry potter movies and books take place inside Hogwarts so all Lego harry potterHogwarts should be expanded to a giant, explorable map that evolves over the course of Harry potterschool years. Every room and story event can be found somewhere, at some point, in the game. After a movie’s year ends, players can choose to reset the map state to the year. of a past movie, allowing them to explore the many attractions of Harry potterof the world as they please. They could also travel outside of Hogwarts, although it wouldn’t be an open world in the same way as The Skywalker saga is. The many places Harry visited on his travels are often far from each other, although generally related to Hogwarts in one way or another. So, Hogwarts would be the main open world map in a new Lego harry potter Game.

LEGO Harry Potter integrates perfectly with the gameplay of the Skywalker saga

LEGO Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione at Hogwarts

The typical LEGO game is a straightforward experience worthy of their small development teams. One or two players take a group of characters through linear levels and solve simple puzzles. Often times this is done by breaking and building LEGO pieces in the environment and performing a lightweight platform. Sometimes enemies appear and sometimes other objectives are given, but that’s what most of the gameplay comes down to. In all licenses Lego games, this has been verified. There are a lot of side paths and opportunities for replaying with other characters, and over the years there has been more effort to visually differentiate massive rosters. Even after little progress, the four Lego Star Wars games now feel particularly archaic, with combat character types that boil down to the use of guns, lightsabers, or any other type of melee weapon.

This kernel always seems to be true in The Skywalker saga, as it is not clear whether the attention to unique animations in Marvel and DC Lego the games will be postponed in Lego Star Wars. However, The Skywalker saga will change things significantly. When combat is taking place, the perspective will now move over the player character’s shoulder. Players can aim weapons freely instead of just using a locking system, and lightsaber combat looks like it has been completely overhauled. The gameplay differences are not yet known, but it is clear that things are not the same as before.

These changes couldn’t be more ideal for Harry potter. The focus on chopsticks in Harry potterThe action of means the new aiming mechanics have arrived just in time. The cinematographic duels observed in Skywalker Saga the trailers also work well for different climatic duels in Harry potter, like the times Harry and Voldemort fought. A Lego harry potter The game could extend this even further, with spells unlocked over the course of the various films added to the player’s arsenal. These spells could in turn be used to gain access to secret areas in previous levels, or in the open world. The spectacular expansion of Lego game in The Skywalker saga will certainly benefit future Traveller’s Tales Lego games, and with a little luck, Harry potter will be the first to reap what has been sown.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga releases in spring 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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