Kerwin Du Bois excited about soca / dancehall song with Sheenseea


Kerwin Du Bois shows two pairs of Ktreadz Caribbean socks to Carib Brewery USA marketing director Asa P Sealy, right, while Ktreadz founder Kamal Laird, left, watches after the launch of the new Can You Feel It video starring Du Bois, alongside Jamaican talent Shenseea “and with a special appearance by American hip-hop producer DJ Khaled. – courtesy Overtime Media

Soca singer, songwriter and producer, Kerwin Du Bois is excited about the potential of his latest song and video – a contagious dancehall / soca collaboration with Jamaican sensation Shenseea (Chinsea Lee) titled Can You Feel It.

The song was commissioned and produced by Carib Brewery as part of its rebranding, international momentum and 70th anniversary celebrations.

The music video features a notable intro and outro by American hip-hop DJ and producer Khaled “DJ Khaled” Mohamed Khaled, and was filmed and edited by award-winning American director Gil Green.

Since its world premiere and release at a watch party held at Carib Brewery, USA and 311 Lime House in Cape Canaveral on October 15, the video has received thousands of positive reviews and feedback online from from fans of soca, dancehall, Carib beer and the Caribbean. descendants of the diaspora around the world, according to a press release from Overtime Media. Many have even suggested that the catchy and upbeat song could be used as a theme song or anthem for the FIFA World Cup or a similar sporting event, the statement said.

Speaking at the launch of the video, Du Bois (who co-wrote the song with Shenseea and co-produced the music alongside Major Lazer’s Chris “Jillionaire” Leacock) said he was proud and happy to represent such a strong Caribbean brand.

“I am proud to be from the Caribbean at a time like this and I hope we can all support and support Carib – as we all should be with anything to do with the Caribbean…”, a- he said in the statement.

“Right now, when I see it, tears come to my eyes because it is truly a blessing and an honor to represent a brand such as Carib, but also to represent a brand such as soca, alongside dancehall under the form and name of Shenseea – and hip-hop both with DJ Khaled!

“So it’s an honor to be a part of it all and the words cyah express what I’m really feeling right now. Ah hope is a good look for the industry, for soca music – to let them know that we are capable and we are good enough to do anything and we have to be able to feel that we have what it takes … we have to believe in ourselves and know that this song and this video is not that that – we have to do more! “

Carib Brewery USA Marketing Director Asa P Sealy explained that song and video are just part of the company’s international marketing strategy, which seeks to reinvigorate and inspire regional pride.

In an interview with OvertimeTT immediately after the launch, he said, “We wanted to take this opportunity to inject a measure of national and regional pride throughout the Diaspora and bring the region together under the common umbrellas of our cultural exports, our expertise. and our excellence. Here at the brewery, we have launched an innovation measure, which continues to inform and attract new consumers and interests within the beverage industry.

Du Bois expressed his satisfaction with the finished product, which remained a closely guarded secret even to him until the actual world premiere on Friday night.

Neither Khaled nor Lee were present at the launch, but Carib Brewery USA President and CEO James Webb said, “Judging by the crowd reaction here and the comments online, I think we have achieves the first part of our goal by creating a phenomenal audiovisual product that the region can be proud of and identify with, while also showing the brand’s commitment to representing the Caribbean region as a whole through our products from superior quality.

“We look forward to completing the rest of the mission in due time as we launch the new World of Change campaign and essentially invite the world to taste and experience the beauty and excellence of the Caribbean region, while sharing the best of the region with the world at large. “

During the song’s introductory sequence, DJ Khaled is seen entering a room of executives and quickly catches their attention with the help of an airhorn. Congratulating the people gathered around a conference room table for “not playing to themselves”, he then proposes to take them all to the Caribbean, where they will indulge and taste “blue waters like Listerine, rice. and peas, jerk chicken and liming “.

It should be noted that neither DJ Khaled nor Du Bois were signed as Carib Brand Ambassador, although Shenseea was announced as such via a press release in January.

The video continues to be well received online so far. with over 450,000 views collectively via the popular julianpromos distribution channel and Carib’s own YouTube channel.

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