Karine Martin’s alleged manstress speaks out

He sets the record straight! There has been a ton of drama around 90 day fiancé: before 90 days pair Karine Martins and Paul Staehle over the past two days, but there’s an innocent person caught in the crossfire – an Instagrammer named Joe devito. Earlier this week, Paul took to Facebook to publicly accuse Karine to cheat on him with Joe in a series of now deleted messages. Paul also blew up Joe and called him a house breaker. But Joe has exclusively revealed to In touch that he was unfairly drawn into their drama and that he clears his name once and for all.

Joe explained that he was unfamiliar with TLC’s hit reality TV franchise. 90 day fiancé until Karine one day started following him on social media and her friends pointed out to her that she was one of the stars of the series. Shortly after following him, Karine sent him a friendly message to say hello and that’s how their first conversation began.

“She was with Paul at the time – I also had no idea she had a husband when I started talking to her,” he said, confirming 90 day fiancé suspicion of the fans. Joe said that Paul and Karine got married in Brazil and that she calls Paul her husband, but she also hinted at divorce on several occasions. You can see their alleged wedding photo, here.

After meeting on Instagram, Karine and Joe developed a friendship and most of their conversations consisted of Karine asking Joe for fitness advice – with Joe speaking mostly in English and Karine using an app that translates from Portuguese to english. “I’m not a trainer, I’m just a fit person who’s on Instagram, so it was flattering that she came to see me,” he said. Joe offered her some training tips, but she eventually found a trainer.

Paul was involved in Karine’s fitness journey from the start and he even paid to hire a trainer for her, but that trainer allegedly asked Karine for nude photos. She turned to Joe for advice, and after speaking with him, she decided to fire the coach. After that, Karine found another trainer that Paul agreed to pay for, but that didn’t work out either, so she turned to Joe for help. He said he made videos for her showing her how to do a squat and even sent her a video of a circuit routine – and he pointed out that Paul was aware of his friendship with Karine the whole time.

paul karine 90 days fiance instagram

“In November, [Karine] told me Paul was freaking out a bit about who I am [so] I reached out to him on Facebook and I was like, “Hey, just so you know I’m a gay guy who trains Karine and gives her some fitness tips.” He threw up his thumb, and that was it.

Joe said Karine took a social media hiatus from December 2017 to around mid-January 2018 because she was having personal issues, and when she returned she reached out to Joe to tell him she was fine. . They returned to their online friendship, which was mostly about liking and commenting on each other’s posts.

But things took a dramatic turn when Paul reached out to Joe about three days ago to ask what was going on between him and Karine. Joe reminded Paul that he’s a gay man who has had a happy relationship for six years, which seemed to calm Paul down – until he collapsed on social media and accuses Karine of cheating on him. with Joe. But Joe says that’s just not true.

90 days fiancé joe devito facebook

Joe Devito and his six year old boyfriend.

“I feel like I am a person in her life that she can confide in and ask her for fitness advice. In no way was I trying to befriend a ‘star’,” Joe said. “Disclaimer: I never signed up to be a part of this show. I never signed up to be put in the way. It’s really embarrassing for someone who is a public figure to use its social media platform to attack someone who is not involved in the show at all. i don’t need [the] projector.”

In various Facebook posts, Paul claimed that after confronting her about Joe, Karine called the police and kicked him out of Brazil. But Joe said it was all wrong – and he provided In touch with a screenshot of the conversation between him and Karine where she denied the involvement of the police.

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Screenshot courtesy of Joe Devito.

90 day fiancé fans have already learned that Paul has a tendency to panic, but it’s hard to see why he would make up such a dramatic story about his wife cheating on him, chasing him out of the country, and then blowing him up on social media. But Joe has a theory – he thinks Paul did this as a ploy to try to get his story with Karine resumed for the next season of the show since the couple has filmed intermittently with the film crew.

“He has already had to leave Brazil because of federal law because his visa expired,” Joe said. “In my opinion, it was quite a big drama to secure his place in the next season of the show. “

Joe said Paul had already booked his return flight to the United States since last week and saw screenshots of the route. The plan seemed quite elaborate, and Paul tried to make it believable when he claimed he had screenshots of photos and conversations that would prove Karine was cheating with Joe, but Joe said that was also false.

“Are there any sexually explicit images of me that have been transmitted between Karine and me – no,” Joe said. “There are not any.”

“Most of the screenshots Paul shared, they are all part of a 90 day fiancé group, ”Joe said. The public Facebook group served as a forum for fans to discuss the show, and someone shared a screenshot of Karine’s comment on one of Joe’s selfies and teased her as his “girlfriend. “like a joke. But Joe reiterated that he had not had an affair with Karine. “I would be a really bad cheater if I posted in a group of thousands about my ‘relationship’ with someone,” Joe said.

There’s another bombshell that Paul dropped during his social media collapse, where he claimed Joe posted revenge porn of Karine – but Joe said that was also grossly false.

“Karine let me know that someone told Paul she had pornographic videos online. And I guess Paul had contacted a lawyer to try to get them removed from the site. But she also revealed that there were many more videos on her computer and on her phone that she asked him to delete, but that he won’t delete, ”Joe said. Paul had previously stated that Joe was the one who posted these videos and photos of Karine and Joe wanted to make it very clear that he hadn’t. “It’s really bad for him to say that and I’m not going to let someone hurt my reputation by saying that,” Joe said.

Now Karine and Joe are trying to distance themselves from the drama, and she has hinted to Joe that Paul “always” does stunts like this, and it was all orchestrated by her husband. “I don’t want to be involved in anyone’s marriage,” Joe said. “It seemed like this whole marriage had been manipulated to support a script on the show.”

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