Johnny Depp’s Incredible Metamorphosis

Johnny Depp’s longest and most publicized relationship was with French model and actress Vanessa Paradis. The couple, who never married, are parents to daughter Lily-Rose Depp, born in 1999, and son Jack Depp, born in 2002 (via Parade). For Depp, becoming a father had a profound influence on his life. “I was angry and frustrated until I started my own family and my first child was born. Until then, I didn’t really enjoy life as I should have, but luckily I got woke up,” he told The Sun.

Depp and Paradis had known each other for several years through mutual friends, although Depp had lived in Los Angeles while Paradis was based in France. Paradis once described how the couple met, telling People: “We were in two different worlds – him in America, me in France – but we had friends in common. We saw each other sometimes for four years. But then the day we found ourselves in Paris, we were both in the same world and free and it was just instantaneous.”

Paradis also shared their ability to give themselves space. “We understand that if we want our relationship to continue, we have to give each other space, allow each other to go out on their own, and trust each other,” she once revealed (via Yahoo). “Not everyone is blessed with space and confidence.” In 2012, after 14 years together, the couple separated, People reported.

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