Jet-Puffed Celebrates National Sandwich Day With S’mores Sandwich

The internet has been locked into a debate for what seems like an eternity over what is and is not a sandwich. Hot dogs and tacos have dominated the conversation, but a new main character is poised to take over timelines everywhere, the S’moagie.

To celebrate National Sandwich Day on November 3, Jet-Puffed is teaming up with Alidoro to create an s’more-sandwich hybrid that, while likely delicious, will ignite the internet with controversy. The sandwich, if you consider this, is inspired by s’mores. It’s made from a graham cracker-infused hoagie roll and topped with toasted Jet-Puffed Marshmallows and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Spread. Here’s where things get a little unusual. The S’moagie also includes crispy prosciutto and a brown sugar glaze.

“Here at Jet-Puffed, we maintain that an s’more is a sandwich. To make it an indisputable fact, we are launching the Jet-Puffed S’moagie with the ultimate sandwich makers at Alidoro, to develop an s’more which can be enjoyed as a traditional sandwich without a doubt, “said Allison Kelly, associate director of marketing at Jet-Puffed, in a statement.” The S’moagie is made with bread infused with graham crackers and sweet crispy prosciutto, but still contains the quintessential s’mores ingredient – perfectly toasted Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. “

Admit it. You are at least a little intrigued. Those daring to try the S’moagie can find it in select Alidoro stores, and it will also be available on while supplies last. The S’moagie costs $ 10 per sandwich at Alidoro stores.

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