Idaho’s teacher shortage

Teachers in Idaho continue to attend school every day despite difficult conditions during the pandemic. Education continues to be a priority for Governor Little and local school districts. Low salaries and a persistent lack of funding have caused the continued exodus of teachers from Gem State.

US News and World Reports say an Idaho school district, Filer, has had to close due to a lack of teachers. Governor Little aspired to be the “governor of education” before the Covid crisis. Another school district is looking for teachers to fill the classrooms. The state has attempted to help educators by relaxing the teacher certification requirement in some school districts.

Governor Little recently allocated $ 10 million to help districts find replacement teachers. He shared his reasons why the extra money is needed in a release.

“My priority throughout the pandemic has been to ensure in-person instruction for our students and to minimize disruption to learning as much as possible. The availability of substitute teachers to intervene when needed is essential to ensure our students have the best chance of success, ”Governor Little said.

Governor Little also announced that he would offer Idaho State Executive Agency employees a new benefit – paid time off to serve as a substitute teacher. This means that state employees will not have to tap into their vacation or sick leave to serve their communities as substitute teachers.

Idaho substitute teacher requirements

Interested persons must meet all school district requirements to be hired as a substitute teacher, and they must pass all selection processes to ensure the safety of school children.

“A key component to keeping schools open for in-person instruction is having the necessary staff,” said Twin Falls School District Superintendent Brady Dickinson. “Substitute teachers and other support staff play an important role in this, and I am very grateful for the governor’s action today as it will provide additional support to schools as we work to deliver the best. educational experience for students in these difficult times. “

An educator says goodbye

A teacher told KTVB that he was done with teaching. Mike Tetrault told Channel 7 that it all started when President Bush passed “No Child Left Behind” legislation. The bill asked teachers to focus students on test scores rather than discussions. Test scores were linked to funding and an educator’s performance.

Like most of us, Mr. Tetrault mentioned lack of funding as another reason for leaving the profession.

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