Hy-Vee Athlete of the Week award has been eliminated from the park

BLUE SPRINGS, Missouri – Madison Hoffman knew the moment she hit him.

“I knew it was gone,” said the second student from Blue Springs South.

The only doubt of his trainer was quickly erased.

“The only question I initially had was, ‘was it high enough?’ Blue Spring South softball coach Kristi Williams said. “Now, on the replay, I was like, ‘Wow, that was stupid. It was high enough.'”

The Jaguars watch it on repeat, seeing Hoffman’s move as a three-point home run to beat Grain Valley and give Blue Springs South a district title in Missouri’s Class 5.

“It was a rocket,” Williams said.

It was also the clutch.

Hoffman, the 2-hole hitter and right fielder from Blue Springs South, won last week as her team lost 7-6 in the bottom of the 7th and final inning. There were two outs and two runners on base.

“I didn’t feel nervous at all,” Hoffman said. “I was pretty calm.”

Impressive, given that a withdrawal meant the Jaguars’ dominant season (their record now sits at 27-4) would come to an end.

“Madison is the kind of kid who enjoys this situation,” said Williams. “She loves that her teammates depend on her.”

Hoffman blew a 3-1 pitch up the center wall, ending the game and making his mark in Blue Springs South softball history.

“It’s the first one I’ve ever had, it’s a dropout that we were behind,” said Williams.

Hoffman summed up the experience in a few words.

“It was pretty good,” she said.

Blue Springs South will continue in the softball playoffs on Thursday.

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