Hundreds of youth groups across the country will benefit from a £380m youth investment fund

Hundreds of services, facilities and organizations for young people in impoverished areas will benefit from a cash injection as the government begins providing its £380m Youth Investment Fund.

The Fund was designed to create, improve and expand local youth facilities and services across the country, to support the health, well-being and skills of young people for work and life, wherever they are. live.

Funding of £12m has been fast-tracked to local youth services where supply currently falls far short of demand. This will help to improve access to services, trusted youth workers and dedicated facilities for young people.

The funding will help expand the scope and range of services offered, meet demand and reduce operating costs. It will be used to cover small-scale capital improvements such as the supply of new laptops to youth groups, small building and facility upgrades and transport improvements, such as the supply of a new minibus for a youth club so that it can ensure the safety of young people and expand activities beyond their territory.

Nigel Huddleston, Minister for Sport, Tourism and Civil Society, said:

We want every young person, no matter where they come from, to have the chance to get the best start in life.

Today, we’re kicking off the rollout of our National Youth Guarantee and putting more money into improving access to services for young people where they’re needed most.

Here are some examples of those supported by the fund and announced today:

  • Carlisle Youth Zone, which provides a safe meeting place for young people, especially those living in poverty, family breakdown and at risk of being involved in anti-social behaviour. It has been awarded a grant worth £48,770 to create a welcoming space in its current building with a new lighting system and sustainable furnishings. This has already resulted in an increase in new members and more young people coming to use the center for study sessions, peer mentoring, one-on-one discussions with youth workers, as well as wellness sessions.

  • Simple Norfolk CIO in Thetford, which provides services and volunteering opportunities to young people from low-income families who are new to the UK. He has been awarded a grant worth £19,924 to fund new equipment for woodworking sessions which helps to increase skills and job opportunities.

  • Aptitude Organization in Coventry, which aims to help children and young people facing poor mental health to develop new skills, improve their mental well-being and reduce the risk of anti-social behaviour. He was awarded a grant worth £18,046 for building improvement materials that made the building a warmer and more welcoming space, alongside kitchen and play equipment. It helps young people learn and develop new skills through meaningful activities.

Funding applications were assessed by BBC Children in Need as the intermediary funder.

Today’s announcement is part of the government’s ‘National Youth Guarantee’ which will ensure young people across England have access to more activities, trips away from home and opportunities to volunteerism, supported by an investment of £560 million.

This includes building or renovating up to 300 facilities for young people over the next three years through the Youth Investment Fund, offering the Duke of Edinburgh’s Prize to every public secondary school for the first times, as well as increased access to service projects or the opportunity to learn new skills in money management or public speaking through the National Citizen Service.

The pledge will mean that by 2025 every young person in England will have access to regular extracurricular activities, adventures away from home and volunteering opportunities as part of the government’s commitment to improving opportunities for all young people. . This includes all ages 11-18, and up to age 25 for those with special educational needs and disabilities.

Simon Antrobus, CEO of BBC Children in Need, said:

We are incredibly proud of the work that has been done in Phase 1 of the Youth Investment Fund with DCMS.

A wide range of grants have been awarded, from providing minibuses to enable children living in neglected areas to access youth care, to upgrading buildings so that young people facing mental health have a safe place to go and talk to a trusted adult.

This funding will make a huge difference to the way these projects carry out their crucial work across England and have a lasting effect on the children and young people they support.

The application process for the remaining £368m tranche of the Youth Investment Fund is due to start in the summer of 2022. Youth services in 45 local authorities and over 600 district neighborhoods across the regions the most disadvantaged in England will be eligible to apply.

Ahead of that, the government also launched a competition to identify four organizations across England to pilot at least four new facilities for young people. Successful organizations will receive funding to pilot a range of new facility concepts and the delivery process associated with their construction. Further details, including eligibility, can be found on our page.


Notes to editors: * Applications have been solicited from local authorities, district councils, voluntary organizations and housing associations, and have been assessed by BBC Children in Need, Intermediary Grant Maker for Phase 1 of the Youth Investment Fund , which handed out £12 million in funding to the winning grant. recipients. A full list of funded projects can be viewed here.

  • Further details on the eligibility criteria for the first tranche of the Youth Investment Fund can be found here. DCMS has developed a detailed methodology that underpins the selection of areas.

  • The £380m Youth Investment Fund includes capital and resource funding.

  • The National Youth Guarantee follows the completion of a review of DCMS spending on programs for out-of-school youth. The review, which was announced in 2020, engaged around 6,000 young people and 175 youth sector organisations, and found that:
    • The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on young people – their mental health and wellbeing have declined, with anxiety levels at their highest level in 12 years – and they have seen the biggest increase unemployment for all age groups.
    • Youth services are an essential part of the response to these challenges, providing benefits for well-being and employability skills.
    • Going forward, young people would like the government to prioritize regular clubs and activities, adventurous travel and support for volunteering in their local communities.
  • The government has listened to these young people and has created the new National Youth Guarantee, which will ensure that long-term government spending on youth programs is focused on supporting the mental well-being of young people and developing life skills. life and work. In response to feedback from youth organisations, he will ensure government funding for youth is co-ordinated, improves accessibility across all regions, so that no young person is left behind as the nation recovers from the pandemic.

  • The full findings of the government’s review of public spending on out-of-school youth programs can be found here

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