How a stay off the grid restarted my relationship after the pandemic


I focused on Sean’s descriptions of his work plans and his cricket team.

Ammanda’s words struck me: “The fabric and the weaving of a relationship is to take an interest in each other.

Since our trip, we’ve both been better at really listening as we speak. It might be basic, but it’s easy to forget when you’ve spent the best part of 18 months entirely in each other’s company. After months of being in survival mode, this simple journey has helped us feast on each other and look to the future.

Fat Pheasant Shepherd Huts will reopen on April 1, 2022. From £ 150 per night, three night minimum (07969 951168;

Three technology-free stays to book now

Next to the sea

Enjoy the views of the Caribbean, while you switch off the TV, radio, and even the time (there are no clocks in the rooms) at the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios. You can also leave your phone at reception upon arrival. All of the hotel’s cottages, bungalows and suites face the sea.

Seven nights from £ 3,599, based on two people sharing a Deluxe Veranda Suite, includes flights and transfers (0124 254 7760;

Arctic escape

Retreat to nature at Aurora Safari Camp in Swedish Lapland. You will sleep in a tent in the Rane River Valley. Try a touch of stargazing and get up close to moose and reindeer.

A three night stay, including flights from Heathrow and transfers, from £ 2,219 per person (0173 721 4250;

Adopt the boat life

Let the anxieties soar on a freshwater lake in North Devon. Blackbird, once a canal boat, has been refitted with lots of luxurious details. Internet is not provided: guests are encouraged to go extinct and enjoy the wildlife. Partridges, ducks and cuckoos (among other species) frequent the reservoir and its surroundings.

A weekend stay costs from £ 168 per night (0156 677 0880;


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