Hands off our park! Residents express concerns over Bewbush land earmarked for development

Bewbush West Park is used by residents as an area for exercise, play, dog walking and they believe it would harm the community if construction were allowed there.

Gary Murphy and other residents came together to host picnics in the park to raise concerns and talk about issues. The first took place on June 5 and the second is scheduled for Saturday July 3.

Bewbush residents at the first picnic on June 5

Bewbush residents at the first picnic on June 5

The area was identified as part of the national planning process to meet Crawley’s housing needs, but council head Peter Lamb said “that doesn’t force development to happen in these places.”

Mr. Murphy says parks must be “demarcated”.

Mr Murphy said: “Peter Lamb did not rule it out. We need our parks to be fenced.

“This was raised with Henry Smith, concerns about Crawley’s lack of space and the government’s efforts to build more homes.

“Crawley is still classified as an overflow town for London and that places a greater demand on Crawley. Other areas like Horsham, which have huge amounts of land, should be used and the government must recognize that trying to push more housing on Crawley is going to create a massive social problem. So there is a much bigger problem here.

Mr. Murphy was also pleased with the participation in the first picnic and hopes it will be the same on July 3rd.

He said: “It was a fantastic day, everyone had fun and there is a call to have another picnic soon and other events in the future.

“Bewbush West Residences are concerned about the potential loss of park equipment that is used by many people every day of the week. Parks are used for exercise, play, sports, dog walking, and social events, all of which are considered particularly important to the mental health and well-being of the community.

“Bewbush Park is a beautiful natural wooded park full of wildlife habitats that must be protected.

“Any damage to the areas of the park would be very detrimental to the local community, their well-being, the environment and the wildlife that live in the park. It has been felt, by all, that these social events are strategic in repairing our communities after the disruption of Covid 19 in people’s lives. “

Locals have created a Facebook group for people to discuss the issues.

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