Griggsville-Perry District Gets $13,000 Grant to Fund New College and Career Capstone Prerequisite

GRIGGSVILLE, Ill. (WGEM) – A Pike County school district has a new curriculum designed to help better prepare students for life after high school.

The Griggsville-Perry School District has an all-new college and career education interest area program for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

All 95 students are automatically enrolled and must come in once a month to develop an individual success plan for them. The course includes workshops such as resume writing, mock interviews, personality tests, job applications, and more.

“Each grade level has their own activity that they will complete,” said program director Allison Dokey. “And we are bringing in community members and professionals to help them better prepare. Thus, the students can network and it also involves the community.

Dokey said each class can take a special field trip to a college campus. Freshmen were able to tour the John Wood Community College campus in Quincy last week. Sophomores will head to Illinois State University next week.

Dokey, who is also the school’s counselor, applied for and received the $13,000 grant through the Tracy Family Foundation for special trips.

Sophomore Mariska Sherman was filling out a standard job application Wednesday afternoon under the direction of John Wood Community College leaders and Pike County Economic Development Corporation executive director Brenda Midendorf.

“It’s going really well,” Sherman said. “I learned new skills. Our first cornerstone, we made a definition of success where we wrote a paragraph of what our definition of success is, whether personal or professional. [The program] also helped me gain confidence like talking to adults in a professional way. »

Junior Jack Shoemaker said in his capstone that he brought in local professionals to polish his resume.

“We started by creating a resume,” Shoemaker said. “And sort of developing those qualities that you need in your future life that you don’t really get in a classroom.”

Shoemaker and Junior Nathalie Irvin said they are looking forward to their visit to Illinois State University next week.

“[After the JWCC visit last week] a student got on the bus after the field trip and said, “I think I’m going to college now,” Dokey said.

Dokey said the program helps students identify their individual needs.

“I’m a firm believer that not everyone is a good candidate for a four-year college,” Dokey said. “We want to expose them to all avenues, whether it’s visiting college, trade schools or work facilities. It is also to help them prepare better, so that students can network.

Dokey said that at the end of the program, seniors have what’s called a “reverse job fair” where they set up vendors and showcase their portfolios to local professionals.

She said she hopes this pilot program will continue after this school year.

Below is the program for each level:

PART I – Field Trips: Each grade level will have the opportunity to take a field trip to a college campus, trade school/program, and major employer in the area. The purpose of field trips is to expose students to the opportunities available to them. Many students never get the chance to see much outside of Pike County, so we think it’s very beneficial to take students on this trip. Our first field trip was last week. We took the freshmen to Quincy to tour John Wood Community College’s main campus, the Quincy Workforce Center (where their trades programs are located), and toured the ADM Research Farm.

PART II – College/Professional Activities by Grade Level: On the first Wednesday of each month, students participate in activities that will better prepare them for life after high school. Community members, alumni and local business people participate in the activities. This not only allows the community to get involved in school activities, but also allows our students to network and see what local employers expect of their employees.

9th grade

  • Create a personal “definition of success”
  • Self evaluation
  • Career Search Paper
  • Personality Type Inventory
  • College/Career Panel

10th year

  • Resume workshop
  • Pre-work videos/activities
  • Job application workshop
  • College/Career Panel

11th grade

  • Career Development Chart
  • Financial analysis
  • Interview a professional
  • College/Career Panel

12th grade

  • Mock interview
  • College/Career Panel
  • Job shadowing experience
  • Reverse Job Fair

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