Fuji Park Master Plan Updates Include Expanded Arenas, Dog Park Upgrades, New Playground, Stage & More | Carson City Nevada News

The Carson City Board of Supervisors approved updates to Fuji Park’s master plan at Thursday’s meeting.

An update was presented to the Board regarding the Fuji Park Master Plan, which discussed improvements such as expanded arenas, trail connections, a new playground, pavilion and stage, and even more.

A master plan update was first launched in 2019 under the guidance of the Board of Trustees as well as the Citizens Advisory Committee on Redevelopment to reimagine the park space to better provide development opportunities economical, according to the staff summary.

Although the Exhibit Hall space is frequently used, staff said, the arena is “significantly underutilized due to size and seating capacity constraints.”

Other concerns listed were parking limits, impacts of events on neighboring properties, and user conflicts due to proximity to park amenities.

“Based on the feedback received, the city‘s recreational needs have evolved and regional park amenities must also adapt to meet those needs,” city staff said in their summary. “Fuji Park should remain a desirable venue for events, while becoming more marketable to additional user groups and contributing to the economic impact of the city.”

According to the program, the expansion of the arena, the improvement of the exhibition hall, the addition of parking and the improvement of the dog park, including the addition of grass, will improve the experience of visitors and residents.

Potential funding sources for the redesign could include redevelopment funds, general funds, grants, foundation funds, private donations and other crowdfunding efforts.

The budget currently available for Fuji Park improvements includes $100,000 from the CIP fund and $192,990 from the redevelopment fund.

Many residents and park users came out in support of the master plan updates, saying improving the park would increase the city’s tourism revenue from visitors who come to Carson City for events such as fairs and exhibits. canines standing in the park.

Improvements mentioned in the master plan update include:

  • Expand the outdoor arena
  • New amphitheatre/small concert hall
  • Renovate the stands and add shade
  • Provide a venue outside the exhibit hall for weddings and large groups
  • Develop a community center
  • Host horse shows, riding and training
  • Introduce a theme of historical aspects with signage and structure similar to Bartley Ranch Park in Washoe County
  • Add new toilets
  • Add trail connections, including to the historic cemetery on site
  • Add a potential new playground
  • Add additional picnic tables
  • Add grass to dog parks
  • New vehicular access
  • And more

To read the master plan updates in full, please click here.

The vote to approve the updates was unanimous.

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