Fort Myers discusses budget increase for Centennial Park project

Fort Myers

Fort Myers City Council is discussing a budget increase of more than $ 800,000 for a construction project at Centennial Park on Monday. This would bring the total from $ 2 million to about $ 2,824,000.

This is the latest in a series of changes, but Mayor Kevin Anderson has told us it won’t delay the estimated completion of the park‘s construction. He is optimistic that the city will be able to lower the fence and open a new improved park in January 2022.

Frankie Jennings wears purple sneakers, picks up bottled water every morning, and jogs the sidewalk alongside construction workers working in Centennial Park.

“I can see the activities of the park go through this stage,” Jennings said.

Jennings is one of the followers of this project. She was very excited about the new amphitheater and didn’t have to worry about costs or wait times.

There are several scenes in the park. The municipal authorities closed it 11 months ago for renovation.

“I always want things to move fast,” Jenning said. “I don’t know if they’re on time and when it’s supposed to be over.”

Anderson admits the park took longer than most Fort Myers wanted.

“It’s happening. It was a slow process. We’re optimistic and we should do it by the end of January,” Anderson said. “There have been a few issues, including a grant of over a million Florida dollars.

The council wanted a $ 1 million grant to go exclusively to the outdoors for children with special needs. However, Mayor Anderson said the former mayor allocated these funds to lodges, washrooms and other facilities in the park. However, the board gives in and the grants are sent to the playground.

The council must find a way to allocate more money to the planned development of the park. We asked the mayor if he thought the proposed budget increase was worth it.

“We are moving the city forward. Parks are a great convenience for everyone, ”said Anderson. “And when it’s all said and done, I think it’s worth it.”

Fort Myers discusses budget increase for Centennial Park project

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