Fort Knox Escape Room Offers Unique Training Experience | Local News

Soldiers and civilians working at Fort Knox now have an unconventional and interactive training tool aimed at eliminating instances of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator Ella Foley has developed an escape room dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program (SHARP) army.

“The Garrison SHARP Escape Room Challenge is an interactive and innovative training that builds essential SHARP knowledge and skills,” Foley said. “It encourages people to have open and healthy dialogues, as well as the ability to connect and work together as a team for a common cause.”

Each year, Fort Knox soldiers and civilian employees undergo training on the importance of SHARP and how to prevent and report sexual harassment and assault. Foley said this year she wanted to do things differently.

“This isn’t your usual slideshow presentation,” she said. “In this type of training, it is the facilitators who talk the most. With this, everyone works as a team to complete the activities.

“It creates unity,” she added.

Garrison Commander Col. Lance O’Bryan and Command Sgt. Major William Fogle attended the inauguration of the escape room on Monday. Fogle said he thought the design had a lot of impact.

“It’s very creative; very outside the box,” Fogle said. “I like the activities. I think it will be educational. »

O’Bryan and Fogle, along with several other facility officials, visited the escape room and participated in the activities, which included a word search, crossword puzzles and other puzzles. Fogle said having the training interactive this year has the potential for greater success.

“Together, we can set the conditions to address or eliminate the destructive behaviors that lead to sexual harassment and sexual assault,” Fogle said. “It makes me extremely happy because it takes everyone across this entire facility to eliminate this issue from our footprint.”

Foley said the idea for the escape room grew out of some of his previous work.

“I did the same kind of concept, but on a very small scale,” she said. “I didn’t have all the resources that I have today.”

According to Foley, the layout was specifically constructed to have the most effect.

“The nice thing is that it’s experiential training, which means you experience something, you’ll remember it,” she said. “That’s why I wanted to have this type of training this year.”

Over the next few weeks, at least 10 garrison teams will pass through the escape room. Foley said she hopes it not only teaches attendees about all aspects of SHARP, but also provides something even more important.

“If I’m someone who had a problem, after going through the escape room with my team, I might have the courage to talk to my supervisor about what’s going on,” she said. “It empowers everyone and helps them feel supported.”

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