Dragonfly art for life

Dragonfly art for lifeWe’re in Modesto at The Dragonfly Art for Life and they’re celebrating their 3rd anniversary! Find out what activities you can do to meet your artistic needs!

House and HangerJulissa Ortiz is in Winters and she does some local shopping! Find out what Home and Hanger has for your vacation!

WikiWho?In this edition of Wikiwho? John Dabkovich brings us: Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale and Kim Kardashian. What do they have in common?

Music for teens – 11/16Tina is here with a Mardi Teen’s Tune! Today, Tina offers us some “New Wave” music, play with it!

Awareness of alopeciaLori Wallace is in Roseville talking to a local woman who has been diagnosed with alopecia and has written a book to raise awareness about alopecia.

Hugs from the Central Valley at the Stockton SPCA!Meghan Ramczyk from the Stockton SPCA introduces us to Miss Marley, one of the animals in search of a new family!

The hosts of “A Little Kinder” podcasts join us!The world could use a little more cuteness these days (to put it mildly), and a new podcast aims to help! New “A Little Kinder” podcast hosts Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood, “Harry Potter” movies) and Daniella Monet (“Victorius” on Nick) join Cody to tell us about it!

“Young Sheldon”We chat with Montana Jordan and Annie Potts about the new season of “Young Sheldon”. They spill the tea on season 5 of “Young Sheldon”!

Leaf art in the hills of El DoradoLast year Cheryl Goldsworthy’s garden in El Dorado Hills featured a smiley face made of leaves! This year, she’s becoming a bit of a squirrel! Lori Wallace is here to check it out!

“A Christmas at the Loud House” on NickelodeonThe Loud family are going their separate ways this Christmas, but not if LIncoln has anything to say about it! “A Loud House Christmas” is an action movie based on the Nickelodeon animated series, and two of the stars join Courtney to tell us about the movie!

Custom crownsWant to get creative with your Christmas decor? A local flower subscription service can help you make your own wreaths! Julissa Ortiz is at Rendez-Vous Winery in Clarksburg to find out what classes they offer!

Adopt-a-familyWe are in Sacramento and you can learn to be a part of Adopt-A-Family. Find out about this awesome program and what you can do to help people.

“A kiss before Christmas”We chat with the stars of Hallmark’s new holiday show, “A Kiss Before Christmas”. Find out what Terri Hatcher and James Denton have to say about their new movie!

Joke of the dayCheck out today’s dad joke today

Mad cow collectionJulissa Ortiz is in Elk Grove with a woman who has a Kooky Cow collection! See how amazing his Kooky Cow collection is!

Stockton train fire investigationPart of a train caught fire in Stockton early Tuesday morning.

Question of the day – 11/15Tina closes Monday’s show with her question of the day: what’s the routine for you?

Win, baby! Recap of week 10Well, it’s Monday, so let’s check in with Good Day’s most popular (only) football expert Johnny the Serbian and see how his picks went! Can Johnny and the “Just Win Baby” keep their noses over 0.500 for the season?

Johnnie’s Jams!It’s 10 o’clock, and we have to fill 5 minutes of the show, so it’s Johnnie’s Jams time! Director Jonathan Meris (“JJ”) is here with 80s TV show themes for everyone to guess, play with us!

50 marathons in 50 states!Marathon runner Randell Hansen’s goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states, and he’s getting so close to his goal! He joins Courtney to tell us about his last race and the even more ambitious goals he has set for himself!

Oakdale High FFA are National Champions!Oakdale High School FFA Celebrates Huge Win! They join Tina to tell us about their national championship!

Have a nice day Rewind – 11/15In case you missed something on today’s show, here’s where you can catch up! It’s a good rewind day!

N Street Onramp project ends earlier than expectedCaltrans says they don’t expect any further extended shutdowns for the remainder of this particular project.

Cloud barDid someone say “wine”? Julissa Ortiz is already here! She’s at the Cloud Bar in El Dorado Hills and sees what they have for you with their tastings and virtual experience.

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