Disney World guest gets $40,000 in credit card charges

A Disney World guest accidentally dropped his Apple Watch while on a ride and it somehow resulted in $40,000 in fraudulent credit card charges.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office by Disney Tips, the incident happened on April 13 at EPCOT on The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction. During the ride, guests find themselves inside clam shells where they are taken “under the sea” via the Omnimover vehicle which tilts guests backwards as if sinking into the sea.

At that exact moment of the ride, a women’s Apple Hermes watch (worth over $1,000) fell from his wrist onto the path under the Omnimover vehicle, where they could see but not reach it. Her husband jumped off the ride while it was in motion in an attempt to retrieve it, a violation of Disney’s safety guidelines.

Cast members stopped the ride and got the man back into the ride’s vehicle. According to the filing, the actor told guests they would pick it up and deliver it to their hotel at the Contemporary Resort. After they returned to their compound and he was not there, the woman filed a police report.

The money came into play when the woman had many credit cards linked to her watch. One of the cards was an American Express with an unlimited line of credit. Meanwhile, the unidentified woman received several fraud alerts on her phone for purchases made through her Amex card, which was also connected to her watch.

According to the sheriff’s report, more than $40,000 in charges were racked up by the finder of the watch that day, however, it is unclear what the person spent the money on. She quickly canceled her credit cards and plans to take the anonymous finder to court. They plan to check charges and store security cameras to find out who this person was.

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