Disney guests flood the park and throw a wild party during the parade

Today marked a milestone at Disneyland Paris, as the theme park celebrated 30 years of magic.

Credit: @DLPReport

The park that started as Euro Disney and then morphed into Disneyland Paris with Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio Park has grown so much over the past 30 years, and now that the park continues to expand, we are finally able to launch the incredible 30th anniversary celebrations. Sleeping Beauty’s castle is now lit up with LED lighting, the decor is in place, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the rest of the gang have their outfits ready, Illuminations is back and there’s a brand new song for the celebration that sends a feast. in Main Street, United States! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we haven’t even discussed the new drone technology that’s lighting up the night sky.

disneyland paris characters
Credit: Disney

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While seeing the park in its full decor, as well as the amazing offerings available to guests, one of the best things was seeing how guests reacted to the magic. During today’s Dream… and Shine Brighter parade, the 30th anniversary parade, we can see that not only did the guests have fun, but they joined the parade until the end, cheering and dancing with the last parade float. We can even see Miguel jumping and clapping with the guests, feeling their energy and level of excitement and kicking it back at them, creating what felt like a truly magical moment.

Mickey at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

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PixieDust (@Pixiedust_be) posted a video of the celebration, and just looking at the level of joy on display has us feeling moved!

Maybe #disneylandparis is now convinced that there should be more Coco in the parks. Miguel is THE star of the 30th anniversary.

Pixie Dust even asked the question or maybe, the suggestion, that coconut needs a bigger presence at Disneyland Paris because it’s clear that guests love the movie and all the characters and music it encompasses.

At Disneyland Paris, many changes are on the horizon for the Walt Disney Studios and their Disneyland park, a few weeks before the 30th anniversary. Walt Disney Studios is adding a massive addition that will include star warswonder and Frozen, as well as their very own Avengers Campus, which will be the first section to open in the park.

Disneyland Paris 30th drone show
Credit: Disney

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We recently saw the reopening of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge while the Disneyland Paris Resort continues to undergo a renovation. On top of that, we saw pin price increases and amazing snowfall! The Disneyland Paris app has also changed; learn more here. Disney Stars on Parade is also back at Disneyland Park now that the holidays are over! Guests who wish to skip the line can also purchase Premier Access, which is a pay-per-ride system that allows guests to skip the line.

Do you want to see more coconut in the Disney Parks?

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