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WEST – To be or not to be … that could be the question … or … since the whole world is a stage, what do you think of the stage used by the Shakespeare in the Park program at the Colonial Theater, the plus -a 36-year tradition that takes place every summer in Wilcox Park?

Whatever opinions may be on Shakespeare or his plays, the governing body of The Colonial would love to hear them.

Honoring its mission to “grow and better serve the community and our regional schools,” the theater is hosting two “public consultation meetings” next week in hopes of engaging the community to hear “what we do well, what that we can improve upon, and receive advice from our community on how we should grow over the next decade, ”said Nicholas Moore, vice chairman of the board of Colonial.

“We have received a lot of enthusiasm from the community and our audience during our shows,” said Moore, “and we want to give members of the community the opportunity to give us their feedback in a formal setting… and maybe even to become more involved in the colonial future.

The sessions – the first scheduled for Friday, September 17 at noon and the second on Saturday, September 18 at 10 a.m. at the Micro Cinema at the United Theater – are part of a major new initiative for the theater, Moore said.

The move follows “an extremely successful 2020-2021 season,” he added, noting that last summer’s “magnificent” production of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)[revised]”at Wilcox Park was one of the record books.

Combined with the successful roll-out of “our fully developed theater internship program” for high school and college students and the company’s successful hub to online programming during the pandemic, including the popular “Virtual Hearing Workshop “for students, as well as a series of” Table Readings of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)[revised]”For the audience, said Moore, theater executives think the time has come to hear what community members would like to see from the theater company, which was established in 1985.

The Colonial Theater School Inc. remains committed to producing “the highest quality professional theater, which includes both an open-air Shakespeare festival, as well as associated educational programs and training opportunities for children and adults, ”Moore said.

The Colonial Theater is also committed to its community, Moore added, “providing entertainment that is widely engaging and affordable for all.”

Community members interested in finding out more about the theater, information sessions or programs offered by the theater can visit

[email protected]

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