City of Oakland | Council member Loren Taylor pays tribute to…

Date posted: February 1, 2022 at 4:54 PM
Last update: February 1, 2022 at 5:09 PM

Oakland, California – As an Oakland native, council member Loren Taylor is the product of several local mentorship programs, which he credits with providing him with the life skills, knowledge and self-confidence needed to become a leader in his civic, professional and family life. Understanding the power these programs have to change the lives of young people in Oakland, he is honored to present the National Mentoring Month resolution, passed unanimously by the Oakland City Council this afternoon.

Reflecting on the importance of mentorship, he noted, “Without programs like the Boy Scouts, the MESA program, A Better Chance, and INROADS, I wouldn’t be on the Oakland City Council, nor the husband and father that I am today. When our young people have someone to help them overcome the many obstacles that life will throw at them, they are less likely to fall into the traps of drug addiction, crime and other harmful activities. Beyond this resolution, we need to invest more in our local mentoring programs which are doing a great job. »

In his remarks at today’s Council meeting, he also improved his website, which includes a list of local mentoring programs. Two of them shared the following remarks,

“The mission of We Lead Ours (WELO) is to provide young people with concrete opportunities to help them become successful citizens. Mentoring a young person and being with them throughout their journey is one of the most rewarding feelings of being a mentor. A good mentor shows up for good news and bad news to help steer their mentees in the right direction. said Dwayne Aikens, Executive Director of WELO.

“At Oakland Promise, we know that our volunteer mentors are a critical asset to our Scholars’ post-secondary success. Having a trusted adult with career experience guiding and encouraging them helps a Scholars persevere through these years. We are thrilled that Council Member Loren Taylor brought forward this vital National Mentoring Month resolution for the Oakland City Council to pass” Sandra Ernst, Senior Director of Access and Completion of the Oakland Promise College.

Council Member Taylor encourages all Oakland residents who are interested in mentoring to visit his website and learn more about the amazing mentoring organizations listed.

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