City of Buda hosts Tennessee Whiskey at Arts in the Park

By CJ Vetter

BOUDA – As the final live musical performance of the series, Buda Arts in the Park presented Tennessee Whiskey, a Chris Stapleton tribute band, at the Buda Amphitheater on July 22. Many people came to listen to country music and enjoy the amenities of the park.

Photo by CJ Vetter
Delores Torres plays with her children on a tire wheel at the Buda City Park.

The four-man band played hit songs such as their namesake, Tennessee Whiskey, and other hard-rock country hits. Lead singer Chadwick Cook formed the band alongside Christian Sly, Clay Wise and Tull Rea after they all took a liking to Stapleton’s music. To cook also looked like the country music star. This helped inspire the creation of the band.

“I had to be homeschooled because my mom would drop me off at school, and I would just grab my backpack, go home, and play guitar,” Cook said. “When I started this band, I wondered if I was a jerk for thinking that I could shoot [making a tribute band]stopped. But my friends said ‘if anyone could do this, you can’.

Even after Cook was injured in a car accident, severely damaging his hands, he continued to perform – with the spirit that the show must go on. He had to relearn how to play the guitar.

“I’m a Chris Stapleton fan, and they were really cool up there. They also played most of the good stuff,” said concert attendee Jo Hall. “He even looks a bit like [Chris Stapleton].”

In addition to live music, the Buda City Park was also open, offering a beach volleyball court, playground and paddling pool for children’s enjoyment. Also during a surprise visit, a local resident even brought his horses to listen to music.

“I’ve lived on a bluff above Onion Creek for about 30 years, and I have a ranch right there,” Bryan Chandler said. “When they’re having a really good time, it makes me want to saddle up my horses and indulge in some Texas fun.”

Buda Arts in the Park will conclude its series with a final screening of “The Goonies” on July 29. For more information, visit

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